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16 Best Spots for Brunch in Waco, Texas

Discover the ultimate brunch experience with our curated list of 16 spots for brunch in Waco

Adventure and flavor await!


The Southern charm of Waco never fails to impress tourists and locals alike.

There are many great things to see in this gem of the Lone Star State, such as exploring surroundings, going to new places, and, of course, having brunch with loved ones.

But it’s not just about having a good breakfast – it’s also about connecting with the unique charm of Waco while celebrating the diversity of this community.

Let’s embark on a culinary odyssey to discover the best 16 spots for brunch in Waco, TX.


Experience the Wide Variety of Brunch Places in Waco

With a vast array of restaurants scattered throughout the city, finding good food in Waco is effortless if a little overwhelming.

Whether you want to have a nice family brunch with your kids or enjoy the sweet smell of craft coffee in the late morning, Waco restaurants have you covered.

But it doesn’t end here – brunch can mean different things for different people. Some may crave baked goods as early as 10:00 a.m., while others might opt for a heartier lunch-like dish, like fried chicken, closer to noon.

Overall, your only challenge while finding the perfect spot for brunch in Waco will be choosing from these culinary wonders

One thing is certain: to ensure you don’t miss out on the exceptional brunch spots in Waco, proper planning is essential. That’s where we come in.


16 Best Spots for Brunch in Waco, TX

Waco’s brunch spots offer reasonable prices, amazing breakfast items, and wonderful dishes to delight all kinds of palates.

Keep on reading to check the best 16 spots for brunch in Waco, including their locations, star dishes, average prices, and more. 


1. Magnolia Table

The iconic Magnolia Silos are a must-visit spot for everyone who travels to Waco. But besides the Silos, visiting the famous Magnolia Table is a great way to start exploring the brunch scene of the city.

At Magnolia Table, you can try the famous avocado toast and eggs benedict to have enough energy for your trip across Texas.

The restaurant is located at 2132 S Valley Mills Dr, Waco, TX 76706 (see Google Maps location here), which makes it easy to access for everyone.


2. Collin Street Bakery

Collin Street Bakery is a family-owned business established in Corsicana, Texas, over a century ago, back in 1896. It opened a location just north of Waco in 2009.

The restaurant features some of the best fresh breads at a great price, and if your sweet tooth is calling, you can find awesome treats as well.

Collin Street Bakery prices range from $5.50 for standard sandwiches to up to $8 for lunchables.

The restaurant is located a few miles away from central Waco, so if you are planning a road trip and want to grab some quick bites, you now know where to head to. 


3. World Cup Cafe

Special coffees and pastries are waiting for you at the World Cup Cafe, a place that celebrates different cultures that have joined together to form a diverse Texas community..

The World Cup Cafe features delicious full plates starting from $7 up to $10, including breakfast tacos and a varied breakfast menu in case you are still not feeling like having Sunday brunch.

The restaurant has reasonable prices, and since it’s located at 1321 N 15th St, Waco, TX (right in the Fair Trade Market), visiting is quite easy.


4. The Olive Branch

The Olive Branch Waco is a restaurant for those who want to have a healthy brunch before kicking off the rest of their day.

Reviews say the Olive Branch has the best green sauce around Waco, and it also features great gluten-free options at affordable prices.

The restaurant location is 215 S 2nd St Ave, Waco, TX 76701, and the Sunday Brunch prices range from $7 to $15, consisting of special sandwiches, American wraps, white egg omelets, and more.


5. Jake’s Texas Tea House

Jake’s Texas Tea House is a veteran-owned restaurant located at 613 Austin Ave, Waco, TX.

Jake’s Tea House offers a hearty brunch at great prices with stellar service and cozy accommodations – everything it’s just as great as you imagine!

Visitors normally enjoy the chicken fried steak served here, but there are many other food options to choose from, such as the French toast and some quick bites alternatives to continue your trip before lunch.


6. Cafe Homestead

Cafe Homestead is a place to experience Southern comfort with an original Texan twist that both tourists and locals absolutely love.

Their “lunchtime” starts at 11:00 AM, and that’s perfect for having a loaded, hearty brunch with your whole family.

It’s often praised as one of the best brunch spots in Waco, mostly because of high-value Tex-Mex options available with prices at ranging from $7 to $16, depending on the type of dish you get.

Cafe Homestead is located at 608 Dry Creek Rd, Waco, TX 76705, and it is also a great place to have dinner with your family after the sun sets. No matter when you choose to go or what you choose to eat, the drive is well worth it.


7. Brazos Bar and Bistro

Brazos Bar and Bistro is a restaurant located in the Hotel Indigo Waco, a renowned hotel that receives thousands of national and international tourists every year.

The food at Brazos Bar and Bistro is exceptional, and if you are looking to kick off your day, this is indeed a great breakfast place to start a nice adventure in the sunny state of Texas.

Don’t let the “Bar and Bistro” phrase on this restaurant’s name fool you – it has some of the best brunch dishes around Waco, and if you check the client’s reviews, you’ll know what we are talking about!


8. Harold Waite Pancake and Steak

Harold Waite’s traditional breakfast has been delighting Wacoans for several years, and now it’s our turn to try the bacon, eggs, and omelets served at this restaurant on the brunch menu.

Harold Waite Pancake and Steak also offer great lunch options for everyone, and the prices are also quite attractive.

Pancakes and steak – what else could we ask for in life?


9. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Restaurant

Cracker Barrel Old Country is a chain restaurant that can be found at many corners of the state of Texas and other locations in our country.

From Texas-sized portions to affordable brunch bites, it is possible for all brunch enthusiasts to find familiar dishes or new options to try during their Waco trip.

Cracker Barrel Old Country is a few miles north of Waco, but the trip is worth the hassle if you are committed to exploring the boundaries and numerous brunch alternatives that Texas has to offer.


10. Hecho en Waco Mexican Cuisine

Hecho en Waco, which translates from Spanish to “Made in Waco,” is widely recognized as one of the best Mexican food restaurants in town.

The unique flavors of Mexico can be found at this lunch and breakfast place. Hecho en Waco is the ideal location to enjoy a nice and hearty brunch that will give you all the energy you need to continue exploring the hidden gems of Waco.

Breakfast tacos and breakfast burritos are the stars of the show here, and as you might guess, the prices are rather affordable for every pocket.


11. Waco Hippodrome Theatre

The Waco Hippodrome Theatre is widely known for hosting interesting events that enlighten the minds of Wacoans through arts.

However, did you know you can have in-theater breakfast and dining here? It might not be what you think of for brunch in Waco, but it is an interesting option to try for those who want to break the routine and try something new.


12. J.S. Barnett’s Public House

J.S. Barnett’s Public House, located at 420 Franklin Ave, Waco, TX, is a place where you might not expect to have a nice brunch, but it will pleasantly surprise you once you try the breakfast/lunch dishes offered here.

The bravest of us might try some whiskey or bloody marys to start our day like a champion – with the largest whiskey bar in Texas, this pub is a famous place to have some drinks with your friends!

However, J.S. Barnett’s Public House also has great food and standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.


13. Our Breakfast Place

Our Breakfast Place is a casual dining, brunch, and breakfast place located at 4600 Franklin Ave #100, Waco, TX 76710.

This restaurant is a local favorite as many Wacoans decide to gather here and taste the delicious offers at the juice bar before the night starts.

Their star dish is French toast, which is reasonably priced and very delicious.


14. Bertha’s Bakery and Restaurant

Bertha’s Bakery and Restaurant is a place where you can find bread, eggs, bacon, and energetic dishes to keep your belly full as you embark on a journey through the downtown area of Waco.

The dishes here are not rare or unique, but if there’s one thing that Bertha’s Bakery and Restaurant is widely known for is their extremely friendly service.

If you have never felt the warmth of Southern hospitality before, going to Bertha’s Bakery and Restaurant will make you fall in love with the spirit of Waco. 


15. Waco Waffle Co

Waco Waffle Co is a rare find that not many people know about. It features the most delicious waffles in Waco, but the restaurant is only available for a few hours on Saturday mornings.

Waco Waffle Co is the ideal Saturday morning brunch place. This small, kind of improvised yet highly enticing place is located at the Waco Farmers Market in Downtown Waco.

The prices are great, but then again, their waffle offerings are only available on Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM, so tourists who want to get a taste of these waffles should add this place to their bucket list with enough anticipation.


16. Cafe Cappuccino

Cafe Cappuccino is the final brunch restaurant on our list. There are two locations of Cafe Cappuccino in the Waco area, and both of them are great to visit.

If you are craving a nice treat, then the banana chocolate chip is for you. The prices are low, and the customer service is incredible, so if you are looking to end your brunch adventure through Waco by going to a special place, Cafe Cappuccino has got you covered.


Summary: 16 Best Brunch in Waco

Exploring the symphony of brunch flavors in Waco is an entertaining plan that the whole family will enjoy.

You are now ready to go beyond the basics and submerge into the varied brunch locations at Waco, Texas. Make sure to save up the following summary for brunch enthusiasts who are eager to go to each one of the best brunch spots while visiting Waco:

  1. Magnolia Table – Classic brunch restaurant.
  2. Collin Street Bakery – Bakery and brunch spot.
  3. World Cup Cafe – Cafe and brunch restaurant.
  4. The Olive Branch – Healthy brunch restaurant.
  5. Jake’s Texas Tea House – Standard restaurant.
  6. Cafe Homestead – Southern comfort brunch restaurant.
  7. Brazos Bar and Bistro – Bar and bistro with brunch options.
  8. Harold Waite Pancake and Steak – Breakfast and brunch restaurant.
  9. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Restaurant – Chain restaurant with brunch options.
  10. Hecho en Waco Mexican Cuisine – Mexican cuisine brunch restaurant.
  11. Waco Hippodrome Theatre – Theatre with in-theatre breakfast and dining options.
  12. J.S. Barnett’s Public House – Pub with breakfast and lunch options.
  13. Our Breakfast Place – Casual dining brunch and breakfast place.
  14. Bertha’s Bakery and Restaurant – Bakery and brunch restaurant.
  15. Waco Waffle Co – Saturday morning brunch place specializing in waffles.
  16. Cafe Cappuccino – Cafe and brunch restaurant.

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