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12 Unique, Unconventional, and Weird Things to Do in Waco

Diving deep into unconventional attractions, offbeat art galleries, and strange landmarks of Waco, Texas

Waco, Texas is like no other city. Let’s discover the 12 most unique things to do in Waco, Texas.

When Waco comes to mind, most Bears immediately think of Baylor University. It’s such a common association that we have a name for the separation students develop from the city of Waco: The Baylor Bubble. But, as any Wacoan will tell you, there’s so much more to explore in this unique city. Waco is a wonderful place that demonstrates why the Lone Star State is so unique.

Going beyond the mainstream attractions in Waco opens the door to the many one-of-a-kind activities that both tourists and locals can enjoy.

So, today let’s dive into the 12 most uniquely Waco attractions.


Exploring Waco’s Unconventional Attractions

It’s easy to see why Waco locals and Baylor students share a deep affection for Waco. Finding enjoyable activities and top attractions in the city is now effortless, with the Southern hospitality of the locals ensuring a wonderful experience.

But the appeal of Waco isn’t solely due to its people — the city’s special sights, unconventional attractions, and unique experiences also contribute to its charm.

Visiting Waco means diving deep into unconventional attractions, offbeat art galleries, and strange landmarks that will spark your curiosity and make you feel more connected to this interesting Texan hidden gem.

By embarking on a journey that celebrates the unexpected, tourists and locals can learn more about the relevance and importance of Waco.

But as strange as all may sound, exploring the uniqueness of Waco will also make you feel at home, even if you have never visited Waco before.


12 Unique, Unconventional, and Weird Things to Do in Waco, TX

If you are ready to go one step further in your Waco adventure, then exploring these 12 unique things to do in Waco is the perfect way to forge memories that you’ll never forget. 


1. Have a Drink at the Largest Whiskey Bar in Texas

Whiskey lovers will find paradise at J.S. Barnett’s Whiskey House, which is known for having the largest whiskey collection in the state of Texas.

Barnetts Whiskey House, conveniently located at 420 Franklin Ave, is a must-go place for those who are seeking peculiar experiences around Waco.

There’s a massive collection of over 1,200 Whiskey varieties, which creates the perfect scenario to order something unusual.

If you want to have a taste of Texas, order a Texas whiskey from the house’s private barrels – you will not be disappointed!


2. Enjoy a Beer Spa Experience

Trying craft beers across Texas is not unusual, but bathing in uniquely crafted lager is indeed something that not many people expect to do during their trips.

Pivovar’s Beer Spa, located at ​​320 S 8th St, offers a weird and fairly strange experience inside a copper bathtub filled with locally crafted Czech beer.

According to Pivovar, submerging your body into beer “provides essential B vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins.” It also promotes mental relaxation and enough energy to continue your journey around Waco.

The budget for this uniquely strange space experience is $200 per hour (single or double spa), and scheduling your stay at least one day in advance is necessary to ensure a special moment like no other.


3. Visit Magnolia Market

Waco is known for the influence that TV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have on the city.

Visiting the iconic Magnolia Silos is a fairly common thing to do in town, but buying something unique from Magnolia Market will provide your adventure with an extra layer of memories.

At Magnolia Market, visitors find a garden store, a bakery, multiple food trucks, and a gift shop with unique objects to remember your Waco trip.

There’s a parking lot where visitors can park for free around Webster Avenue, which comes in pretty handy as you can spend several hours exploring the different things to do at the Silos and see what is offered at Magnolia Market’s stores, sights, food trucks, and bakery.


4. Take Unique Pictures at Mayborn Museum Complex

Mayborn Museum Complex, located at 1300 S University Parks, celebrates the cultural and natural history of the area of Central Texas.

The Mayborn Complex is a great museum to learn more about natural science and the influence of Waco’s history in the state.

Exploration stations and walk-in dioramas are just some of the things visitors will find at this fun museum, and all these wonderful places create great photo opportunities for those who seek a completely unique experience.

Tickets to visit the Mayborn Museum range from $8 (kids) to $10 (adults), and you can purchase them at the front desk at the time of your visit.


5. Find Hidden Art Gems at Downtown Waco (Blek Le Rat Scavenger Hunt)

Waco has a thriving art scene widely known around the state of Texas. Downtown Waco is full of unique art galleries and interesting exhibits that attract visitors from all over the country.

However, instead of exploring the conventional art galleries, we are going to find the locations of the six murals painted by Xavier Prou, a well-known Parisian artist.

Inspired by Banksy’s paintings, Xavier, also known as Blek Le Rat, decided to paint six unique works of art around the district art of Waco.

By exploring Franklin, and Austin Ave, visitors can discover the locations of these murals. All in all, the best way to go on this unique journey is by finding the mural locations by yourself without spoilers.


6. Explore Waco Downtown Farmers Market

The unique essence of Waco’s downtown Farmers Market is the fact that they only sell products from local vendors located within 150 miles of Waco.

This means that it’s possible to find the famous Waco local honey, known for being raw, unfiltered, and completely natural.

Waco Downtown Farmers Market (WDFM) is also a nice place to buy hand-made ceramic and wood items that you will not find elsewhere. 

The market has two locations: 500 Washington Ave on Saturdays, and 200 E. Bridge Street on Wednesdays. Visiting the farmers market is a great way to support local Waco vendors and artisans by purchasing unique and strange products that can’t be found at other locations in Texas.


7. Feel Like a Paleontologist at Waco Mammoth National Monument

Several thousand years ago, the lands of Waco were roamed by ancient giants—mammoths. Following the discovery of mammoth fossils, the Waco Mammoth National Monument has become a place of interest for both locals and visitors.

However, the majority of visitors just go to the monument, explore the nature trails, and see mammoth fossils to then leave.

If you want to break the routine and explore a testament of our past world, on-site field trips at the Mammoth National Monument are exactly what you need.

These field trips only happen twice a week, and the fees range from $5 to $6 per visitor. Not every day visitors have the opportunity to see mammoth fossils up close, so don’t miss out on this strange and rare activity in Waco.


8. Discover the TV Essence of Waco

Waco is known all over the United States for two famous TV shows: Wood Work and Fixer Upper.

Many die-hard fans of these TV series come to the city just to see the places that appeared when the shows aired.

Several companies offer private tours to explore East Waco, Cameron Park, and other iconic areas of the city related to television shows. Many tourists agree on the fact that seeing these iconic TV locations in person is impactful and strangely fun!


9. Make Your Own Strange Soda at the Dr. Pepper Museum

Waco is the birthplace of Dr. Pepper, one of the favorite soft drinks of all Americans. 

For this reason, visitors often go to the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco, to explore the fascinating history of this popular beverage. However, there’s an experience inside the museum that is known for being unique and memorable: making your own soda.

The Make-a-Soda tour at the Dr. Pepper Museum allows visitors to create their unique, weird soda flavor – you can make it as weird or as plain as you want!

General admission to the museum is just $10 per person, but keep in mind that the Make-a-Soda tour costs an additional $10.


10. Surf the Waves at Waco Surf Park

With Waco being located in Central Texas, there are no good beaches nearby. Still, surfing artificial waves is possible at the Waco Surf Water Park.

The Waco Surf Park is massive, interesting, and highly unique. It has a giant Cable Park and one of the weirdest things in the state: the world’s longest lazy river.

Most visitors don’t expect to find this massive water park in the middle of Texas — it almost feels too good to be true, but it’s just one of Waco unique attractions.

Tickets to visit Waco Surf Park range from $19 to $99, depending on the type of package purchased (families, kids, adults, and more).


11. Visit Art Center Waco

Art museums and exhibits in Waco are as unique and special as you can imagine. Local artists and prominent art personalities have decided to showcase their works of art here, at Art Center Waco.

Inside this arts center, you will find interactive exhibits, unique paintings, and offbeat events that can’t be found elsewhere. 

Visiting Art Center Waco is entirely free, which makes it one of the best weird places to explore during your Waco vacation.


12. Have a Drink at the Hidden Undercroft Social Club

A secret pub where live music, private events, and unique drinks are abundant is waiting for you in the heart of Waco.

The hidden Undercroft Social Club is one of the most unique spots to visit in Waco, with its magic reserved for the select few who discover it.

Undercroft is as mysterious as you think, and one-day guest passes ($15) are hard to obtain most times of the year.

However, if you manage to access this exclusive Social Club, you’ll feel like part of a strange, charming, and welcoming Walco society.


Wrapping Up: Embrace the Uniqueness of Waco

Waco is a very interesting place with plenty of unique and unconventional things to experience.

By going on a journey of the unique activities throughout Waco, it’s bound to create many memorable experiences for you and your family.

The following list includes the 12 most unique things to do in Waco (with an approximate budget).

  1. Barnetts Whiskey House – Budget: Varies based on drink choice.
  2. Beer Spa Experience – Budget: $200 per hour (single or double spa).
  3. Magnolia Market – Budget: Varies based on purchases.
  4. Mayborn Museum Complex – Budget: $8 (kids), $10 (adults) for tickets.
  5. Blek Le Rat Scavenger Hunt – Budget: Free.
  6. Waco Downtown Farmers Market – Budget: Varies based on purchases.
  7. Waco Mammoth National Monument – Budget: $5 to $6 per visitor for field trips.
  8. TV Essence of Waco – Budget: Varies based on tour provider.
  9. Make Your Own Strange Soda at the Dr. Pepper Museum – Budget: $10 general admission, additional $10 for Make-a-Soda tour.
  10. Surf the Waves at Waco Surf Park – Budget: $19 to $99 (depending on package).
  11. Art Center Waco – Budget: Free.
  12. Hidden Undercroft Social Club – Budget: $15 for one-day guest pass (subject to availability).

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