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All-star Classics

Baylor in the Year 2000

Editor’s Note: For now over 75 years, Baylor Line has been publishing vivid storytelling from across the Baylor Family. I

More Pluck Than Luck

Her story would make an Alger hero look like a sissy Original Editor’s Note: One hears much about the fact that

The Grant Teaff Story

A warm and personal account of the humor, pathos, tears and joy that led to the Bears’ 1974 SWC championship.

Powerful Profiles

A Fall In Five Scenes

1. “KAYE!” Curtis watched as the fall happened in slow motion, her name erupting from his lips without even realizing

Star Power

This article was written by Meg Cullar and published in the Baylor Line Spring 2001 issue. One of the brightest

Deep History

The Founders’ Vision

This article was written by Dr. Eugene W. Baker and published in the Fall 2008 issue of The Baylor Line.

Essential Reads

Why Independent?

This article was published in the Fall 2009 issue of The Baylor Line.  FOR 150 YEARS, the Baylor Alumni Association

The Real Story

After years of controversy, the Baylor Alumni Association reveals the truth behind the ongoing alumni relations fight at Baylor SATURDAY,

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