Baylor’s Songs Now Recorded

Editor’s Note: For now over 75 years, Baylor Line has been publishing vivid storytelling from across the Baylor Family. I don’t think our archives full of deep, inspirational features should live solely on shelves, so we are bringing them back to like in BL Classics. In this installment, enjoy a trip back in time to

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Passion Project

Baylor University’s Black Gospel Music Preservation Program has digitized more than 36,000 copies of classic black gospel songs, preserving them for future generations.

The Good News

Spirit has been meeting soul in supernatural ways since 1988 at Baylor through the Heavenly Voices choir of gospel-singing students

Editor’s Note

Friends, Wow. What you hold in your hands now is truly going to be a treat. This issue defies categorization,

Baylor in the Year 2000

Editor’s Note: For now over 75 years, Baylor Line has been publishing vivid storytelling from across the Baylor Family. I

Remembering William David Campbell

“Campbell was synonymous with football in Texas. He’ll be missed by many.” Dave Campbell was the Shakespeare of sportswriters, a

Editor’s Note

As this first-ever issue of Baylor Line Insider Exclusive reaches you, there will be a terrible thing happening. Most studies

Fellow Bears

With so much happening in the Baylor Family, I thought I would take this opportunity to provide clarity on the

Remembering L. Wayne Tucker, Jr.

It is with great sadness we mourn the loss of a larger-than-life leader: Wayne Tucker (‘85), Baylor Line Foundation’s Incoming

More Pluck Than Luck

Her story would make an Alger hero look like a sissy Original Editor’s Note: One hears much about the fact that

Still Standing Tall & Proud

“At some point in their Baylor journeys, practically all of our students have taken a class in Tidwell, which houses

A Fall In Five Scenes

1. “KAYE!” Curtis watched as the fall happened in slow motion, her name erupting from his lips without even realizing

Leading Through Turbulent Times

Editor’s note: In place of a traditional, first-person essay, we have included an “exit interview” of sorts with Laura Hilton

Editor’s Note

Dear Friends: It’s on all of our minds: What will life look like when we finally (hopefully, soon) emerge from

Remembering Robert C. Cloud

Hero, mentor, friend — Dr. Robert C. Cloud (MS ‘66, Ed.D. ‘69) was all three of these to me. His influence,

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