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The Picture on Ted Uhlaender’s Baseball Card

In fall 1957, just 5’9” weighing only 129 pounds Theodore Otto “Ted” Uhlaender journeyed from McAllen to Waco and asked to try-out for the baseball team. As a non-scholarship walk-on, he led the freshman team in hitting. By his junior year, Uhlaender was one of the Southwest Conference’s leading hitters, batting a sizzling .365. Ted was all-Southwest Conference in baseball three times. After graduating, it wasn’t long before he began an eight-year major league career with the Twins, Cleveland Indians, and ending with the Cincinnati Reds.

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Shaping Minds to Sharing Stories: A Professor’s New Journey

In May 2023, the most awarded professor in Baylor’s history retired. A year later, he’s working more than ever. Reflecting on his time at Baylor, Robert Darden (’76), master teacher and emeritus professor of journalism, public relations, and new media, has not only left an impact on the university at large but also on the thousands of students who walked into his classrooms for over 30 years. Having had such gifted professors when he attended Baylor in the 1970s, Darden said it was these passionate and informed mentors who he tried to emulate in his classroom, as he desired to carry on their legacy.

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Bears on Skis

Joe Gage III grew up on the water, his summer days occupied by buoys and the never-ending pursuit of the perfect gliding technique. His father was part of Baylor’s fledgling club water skiing team in the late 1980s and early ‘90s, and the younger Gage — an avid athlete — quickly adapted the elder’s love of the sport. “I’ve played a lot of other sports, but there’s nothing else like this,” Gage III said. “There’s a unique rush with waterskiing, and I’ve always been chasing that rush. I guess you could say it’s in my blood.” His father added: “I can remember going to my tax class with dripping wet clothes because I just came from practice and didn’t want to leave that time with my friends. So, to see Joe fall in love with the sport that gave me so much, that’s really special.”

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Her Name Was Cindy Campbell Brown. She Died In 1995. And It’s Time You Knew Her Story.

Her name was Cindy Campbell Brown. Her age was 26. She was a Secret Service agent whose office was on the top floor of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. On April 19, 1995 at 9:02 a.m., Timothy McVeigh, 26, a U.S. Army veteran poisoned with anti-government hate, set off a truck bomb in front of the building where Cindy worked.  McVeigh had designed and built the bomb by hand along with his co-conspirator Terry Nichols. The blast sheared off the front of the 9-story, glass front federal building, reducing it to rubble.  The ensuing devastation killed 168 people, including Cindy.

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A Class Apart

Of its many achievements, Baylor particularly enjoys two distinctions: that of being the oldest university in Texas (established by the Republic of Texas in 1845, before statehood) and the first university west of the Mississippi to go coed, 75 years before American women were guaranteed the right to vote. Though BU’s gender history may be complicated—the university segregated for about 35 years in 1851—there is no surer sign of its inclusivity than the legions of female Baylor graduates who continue to honor the university through their accomplishments.

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10 Mexican Restaurants in Waco You Need To Try

One of the things we love the most about Waco is the perfect blend of American and Mexican cuisine, giving us authentic and delightful dishes with a touch of originality and unique flavors. Now, it’s time to explore the Mexican food scene that Waco has to offer us – get ready for an authentic experience, and let’s dive deep into the best 10 Mexican restaurants in Waco. Waco’s long, vibrant Latino history has created a cultural connection that is rich, vibrant, and worth exploring. This part of Central Texas belonged to Mexico after the Spanish empire took over, and then, in 1836, to the state of Texas, when it declared independence. So, it’s no surprise to find the flavors of Mexico taking over the Waco culinary scene. Whether you love tacos or fajitas, these places really know how to make delicious Mexican food. Join us as we explore the diverse and flavorful world of Mexican dishes in Waco, TX.

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Amazing Baylor Internships: Building a bridge beyond the classroom

From working alongside healthcare and community development specialists combating poverty throughout the United States and heading to Washington for a congressional internship or spending nine weeks in the lab alongside leaders in tropical disease research, Baylor University’s plentiful internship opportunities are thrilling and diverse. Internships are a sure-fire way for undergraduate students to not only put their academic studies to real-life practice — they are also a launching point for future employment and a valuable way to maximize collegiate experiences. They also help students decide if their career aspirations are on the right track. Across disciplines and interests these are six internship opportunities Baylor students should consider.

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Next On Your Nightstand: Books By Baylor Authors

A West Texas football coach struggles to reconcile his faith with the news of his daughter’s homosexuality; Baylor researchers unearth the world’s largest accumulation of Mammuthus columbi (Columbian Mammoth) skeletons, right here in Waco; Two English explorers seek to claim the Nile headwaters for England with the help of their East African guide; and a celebrity chef sautés cuttlefish for a seafood paella party. What do these stories have in common? All were written by members of the Baylor Family. With Baylor’s commitment to inspired action, it’s no surprise that fellow Bears publish a considerable number of books each year. Here are a few titles to look out for. 

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