Reading List: Books by Baylor alumni and professors

The BAA is building a list of books authored by Baylor alumni and professors and providing a link to purchase them through Amazon.

If you know of a recent book by a Baylor author, please let us know in the Comments below (or to and we’ll add them to this list.

3 thoughts on “Reading List: Books by Baylor alumni and professors”

  1. My husband, David L. Scott, 1987 BU grad, is one of the co-authors of the biography about Pat Neff. It is “The Land, the Law, and the Lord” and it was published in 2007.

  2. I have published four historical fiction novels through Thomas Nelson. In The Shadow of the Sun King, Prisoner of Versailles, and Where Hearts Are Free comprise a series based on my French Huguenot ancestors in 17th century France. His Steadfast Love is a Civil War novel set in Texas.

    Last spring my biblical fiction series, Hidden Faces: Nameless Women in the Gospels released (Whitefire Publishing), and my first non-fiction just released from BoldVision Books, Spiritual Spring Cleaning.

    I would be honored to have them listed!

    Golden Keyes Parsons

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