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Pursuing Speech Pathology – Allie Gamble

Allie Gamble has a long-standing connection to Baylor University. As a sixth-generation Baylor Bear, Allie has grown up attending home football games and participating in Homecoming celebrations for years. Her family is one of the First Families of Baylor, which recognizes the Speight-Jenkins-Graves-Shepperd families and the 64 other family members who have attended or graduated from Baylor. Allie remembers standing on the ramp in front of Morrison Hall watching Bonfire after Pigskin with her family, and those same memories now come alive again as she attends school at the university.


“The memories I created at Baylor as a kid have now been recreated during my time as a student at Baylor. In my Freshman year, I stood on the same ramp outside of Morrison Hall that I did when I would come with my family,” says Allie.


She is getting involved on campus while studying Speech Pathology and making more memories along the way. For Allie, Baylor has been her second home for much of her life.


Allie was raised in the sports-oriented town of Frisco, TX and sought a fresh start for her senior year of high school. She enjoyed living in Frisco with her family, taking part in activities such as playing sports, volunteering, being involved at her church, and making lasting friendships. Allie was highly driven and sought involvement in Speech Therapy while also competing in soccer and cross country at Frisco High School. Her experiences growing up instilled a strong faith and love for people which eventually led to using her passion to pursue a career in Speech Pathology at Baylor University.


​​Allie Gamble has always had a passion for the field of Speech Therapy, stemming from her own experiences in the sixth grade when she was diagnosed with a myofunctional-speech disorder. Through speech therapy, Allie developed confidence and compassion for those facing similar struggles with their speech. This passion led to Allie’s acceptance into an Independent Study & Mentorship program at Frisco High School and subsequent employment at Small Talk Pediatric Speech Therapy during her senior year. With a profound legacy at Baylor University, Allie chose to pursue a degree in Speech Pathology there.


“My passion for the field of Speech Therapy has since grown during my time at Baylor. The people and professors in the Communication Sciences and Disorders major at Baylor have spurred me on in my faith, pursuit of community, and academic excellence,” says Allie.


As a current sophomore, Allie’s faith, pursuit of community, and love for the field of Speech Therapy have only grown stronger due to the people and professors in the Communication Sciences and Disorders major.


Allie has developed a strong affinity for Baylor University, which she was able to experience through her family members and friends. The university’s legacy, commitment to Christian values, and close-knit atmosphere allowed Allie to explore opportunities while incorporating her faith in Speech Pathology.


“The integration of my faith into the daily school work has grown my desire to become a Speech Therapist as well as to seek out ministry on and around Baylor’s campus,” says Allie.


With the support of her professors in the Communication Sciences and Disorders department, she has been able to grow her passion for becoming a Speech Therapist and pursue meaningful ministry on campus.

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