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Power Ranking the Top 10 Football Jerseys of the Last Decade

Over the last decade, Baylor has held the standard for football jerseys. Win or lose, the Bears always tried to look good when they play ball. We decided to look back through the years and power rank Baylor’s best (and worst) jerseys over the last ten years.


#10 – 2019 Yellow Alternates

Baylor took a risk with these jerseys. Opting for a more classic look, the Bears went simple by placing no design really anywhere on the jersey. The green collar does provide a nice contrast to the yellow of the rest of the jersey, but that may be more because the yellow’s brightness is so overwhelming. The new look is a nice change of pace, but the lack of creative design combined with the sharp boldness of the color make this jersey miss.




#9 – 2008 Green on Gold

Baylor’s 2008 green and gold was by no means bad. It actually looks pretty good, almost like I’ve seen it somewhere before… maybe in Wisconsin? 

Yes, I am sure the Bears did not mean to create a near carbon copy of the Green Bay Packers uniforms but, aside from the slight change in color and the Packers’ striped sleeves, these uniforms look almost identical. Unfortunately, the resemblance drops these down to #9. 


#8 – 2015 Grey Alternates

Maybe I’ll take some flak for this, but why do the Bears use grey? I can understand replacing gold with yellow… but grey is just too far. The silver helmet is admittedly striking, and while the jerseys themselves don’t look terrible by any means, they don’t really remind you of Baylor. For those reasons, this jersey comes in at #8.



#7 – 2013 Throwbacks

These 2013 uniforms are the exact opposite of the grey alternatives. True to Baylor’s traditional color scheme, they utilize all of white, green and gold well. The gold helmet draws the eye immediately. The only real knock on these jerseys is the alleged lack of creativity. The shoulders are bare, the pants are untouched, and even the helmet has nothing but a green stripe down the middle. But they are throwbacks, and throwbacks are always simplistic. This uniform absolutely transports you back into the days of Grant Teaff, and for that, they snag the #7 spot.


#6 – 2018 Sailor Bear and Green

There’s certainly controversy around the Sailor Bear logo and its (lack of) exclusivity to Baylor. Yes, in the 1950s, the Sailor Bear artist created the design and then sold it to basically every school in the nation that’s mascot was a Bear, including Baylor. 

However, how can anyone look at those helmets and say they look bad? The Bears’ awesome white helmets, combined with the modern green, allow the logo to become the star of the uniform. Sadly, we probably will not see much more of the Sailor Bear logo with Baylor’s revamped branding campaign, but it was fun to see, even if only for a short while. 



#5 -2013 Blackouts

2013 was a great year for Baylor football uniforms, and this all black style is no exception. A far cry from the fun-loving spirit of Sailor Bear, these 2013 blackout jerseys spelled death for any team that stood in the Bears way. At the height of their football powers, these uniforms struck fear into every opponent Baylor played en route to their first outright conference title since 1980.  


#4 – 2019 Greens

We’ve already talked about the new yellow uniforms, and where they fall short. Their green counterparts, on the other hand, are fantastic. 

The bright yellow looks much more controlled as a secondary color, lining the sleeves and collar alike. These jerseys are retro in the most literal sense— somehow, they look brand new while also timeless and classic. This was the biggest win to come out of Baylor’s new football jersey reveal.


#3 – 2013 BU All White

Anytime you combine power with style, it’s going to be a win.

Not only did Baylor reveal their sinister all black uniforms, but also debuted these clean all white uniforms during their historic 2013 season. Using traditional colors, they integrated excellent design onto the jersey as well, such as the bear claws on the shoulder. The high-octane offense led by Bryce Petty must have looked like a white blur to opponents, who just had to sit back while the Bears out performed and out dressed them.

#2 – 2013 Black on Gold

The final, and most fearsome of the 2013 Uniforms were certainly the Bear’s black and gold. With players wearing a golden crown as a helmet, these uniforms catapulted Baylor into College Football royalty for a few seasons. The black jersey maintains the menacing aura of Baylor football while also adding the compelling gold color, best shown in the shining helmet. These uniforms stand as the standard for modern, sleek football uniforms. 






#1 – 2011 Green on Gold

Maybe I’m just a sucker for nostalgia, but the 2011 green and gold uniforms are the only uniform that can take the top stop. Worn by Robert Griffin III during his transcendent Heisman season, these jerseys have it all. They use all three of green, gold, and white with perfect balance. The racing stripe down the middle of the helmet does not clutter the helmet at all, but rather makes it all the more unique. Even the subtle gold outline around the jersey’s numbers combine for just a fantastic look. With the design, the color, and the people wearing the jersey, this uniform perfectly represents everything about what makes Baylor great.

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  1. I’m a 79 graduate & no. 9, the more traditional colors (gold helmet, kelley green jersey, & gold or white pants) are definitely the best looking & match Baylor’s traditional colors. Green Bay is cheese yellow, not gold & definitely not the same. Please, lets at least wear our traditional colors for at least one or two home games. Maybe Homecoming? Frustrated Baylor fan. By the way, applies to basketball too. The neon stuff is absolutely disgusting.

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