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Question: Should the Board of Regents release the full Pepper Hamilton report to the Baylor Family?

The Philadelphia law firm of Pepper Hamilton LLP was hired by the Baylor Board of Regents in early September 2015 to conduct a thorough and independent external investigation into the university’s handling of cases of alleged sexual violence.  Baylor has not said how it will handle distribution or publication of Pepper Hamilton’s findings.

Pepper Hamilton’s report has reportedly been delivered to the Baylor Board of Regents in advance of its meeting later this week.  Should Baylor release the full contents of the report to the public, or is it enough to just provide a summary to the Baylor Family and talk about actions being taken?

Please post your comments below.  Remember, you must identify yourself and be respectful to everyone else’s views before we’ll publish your comments.  Thanks.


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11 thoughts on “Question: Should the Board of Regents release the full Pepper Hamilton report to the Baylor Family?”

  1. Brian Creighton

    As an alumnus and the father with a daughter who attend Baylor beginning this Fall, I would like to read the entire report.

  2. Charles Massler

    The Pepper Report – I believe Baylor should release the full report, with the exception of redacting any information, names, identifiers that may be protected by privacy or other such requirements. It’s time to be completely open and above board with regard to this issue, even though it may prove uncomfortable. Baylor must take the ‘high road’ to fix this ongoing problem.

    If the Warren Commission report, the Watergate report and the Clinton Impeachment report can be fully open, so can – and should – this issue.

    Charles Massler, Class of ’70

  3. Release all of it! If it isn’t, the toxicity of the environment will increase.

  4. Albert Ratcliffe

    Should the Baylor family not know the sexual assault that has happened on the campus and what the Baylor administration has and will do about it?

    Why did this administration néed an outside firm to advise it? What was lacking in the the leadership.

    Does Baylot not know that to solve a sexual assault problem it will need the cooperation of the entire Baylor family well informed?

    Why keep us in the dark about student safety and the Pepper Report?

  5. Seems to me that one consideration regarding full release would be how many law suits the information might create. Blanket statements about “full release” withou knowledge of what the report contains are just silly.

  6. Any public university would have to publish the report. Future students deserve to know how the assault occurred, what support Baylor gave to the victim, and the punishment for the assailant.

    Who would send a daughter to an institution that has engaged in a cover up and inadequate option for women who are assaulted?

    Linda Hunt Bunnell

  7. Jan Ross Purdy, '64

    The cover ups must stop. The administration and coaches who are involved need to go. There are football student athletes who have the highest character, but the actions of those in leadership positions are allowing activities to continue that put even those great students in a bad light. In the court of public opinion the entire university is living under a shadow of suspicion. The innocent students, the integrity of our degrees, and the reputation of the university are victims as well. When will this travesty stop!

  8. Jeanne Wingate, B. A., 1968

    I think that Baylor should release the complete report. The coverups have already damaged the reputations of all Baylor graduates, particularly recent graduates.

  9. Kit Parkhill BBA 71

    I think a detailed synopsis or “Cliffs Notes” type version is all we really need. I don’t think most have time to read what is probably a book of data. As long as I know the ” meat of the debacle” I am satisfied

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