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Mims, Hurd Shine in Victory over UTSA

Baylor’s 37-20 win versus UTSA on Saturday marks its second straight victory, doubling the program’s win total from last season. This particular game denotes a certain change in attitude within the team, as Sophomore QB Charlie Brewer absolutely dismantled a UTSA defense which ranked 8th in the nation last year in terms of points allowed.

Brewer struggled mightily in Baylor’s season opener against ACU, finishing 8/15 on passes, and amassing only 158 yards to go with his one interception. These early struggles, along with graduate transfer Jalan McClendon’s two touchdown effort, had many fans clamoring for a change at the quarterback position. Brewer, however, had other plans in mind.

Bouncing back against UTSA, Charlie Brewer threw for 328 yards and three touchdowns, while McClendon threw for only 39 yards and no touchdowns in the contest. Brewer’s masterful orchestration of offense perhaps cements his spot as the starter for Matt Rhule’s squad, at least for the time being.

The quarterback position was not the only one that enjoyed success, as wide receiver duo Jalen Hurd and Denzel Mims combined for 169 yards, 16 catches, and two touchdowns.

Mims, a Preseason All-Big 12 selection, did not disappoint, racking up 133 yards while commanding multiple double teams. Even when not being targeted, Mims maintained a positive effect the offense, as commanding considerable defensive attention functioned to free up the rest of Brewer’s offensive weapons – weapons such as Tennessee transfer Jalen Hurd.

Finishing with 136 yards and a touchdown to his own name, Senior Jalen Hurd has officially worked his way onto every Big 12 team’s scouting report. To put his talent in perspective: As a former five star running back, Hurd decided to make the transition to wide receiver because it would be more beneficial for his NFL career.

Translation – Hurd is:

  1. An NFL prospect
  2. Talented enough to switch positions, as a senior, and immediately start on his new team
  3. Already racking up gaudy statistics, essentially proving every detractor wrong

Matt Rhule has not one, but two NFL prospects at the wide receiver position. Pairing one of the Big 12’s best quarterbacks with perhaps the conference’s premier pair of wide receivers is absolutely something for Baylor fans to salivate over.

So, what should the Bears expect from here on out?

Next week’s game vs. Duke should be the toughest challenge yet. Quarterback Daniel Jones is coming off of an excellent three touchdown effort against Northwestern, a trend he’ll look to continue on Saturday. Baylor’s secondary will have their hands full attempting to contain their balanced offensive attack.

Likewise, Duke’s defense will prove another worthy test. Giving up only 21 points all season so far, Brewer must come into the game focused, as fans will point to this game as a bellwether for what to expect from the Bears in Big 12 Conference play.

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3 thoughts on “Mims, Hurd Shine in Victory over UTSA”

  1. I am going to be reading more Baylor football writeups from Mr Niles in the future. Very impressed with his ability to capture the essence and grit of what looks like a progressive season for the Bears.

  2. You’re a great writer. Really enjoyed your account of past, present and future things to hope for for the Bears. Great job 👍👍

  3. Awesome article. The solid reporting – made interesting by Nile’s descriptive style – made me actually care who Matt Rhule and Jalen Hurd were even outside of their relative importance to this years’ team. Some writers seem to be able to write with a flow and an art that allows them to tell an interesting story while weaving critical information and necessary statistics in between the lines. Good job for both Niles and Baylor.

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