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HOF Winners 2019: Vince Clark

George W. Truett Distinguished Service Award

Vince Clark graduated from Baylor University with a BA in History and fell in love with Central Texas and Waco. He graduated with a J.D. from Baylor Law School in 1985, moved to Tyler, TX and practiced law for five years as a trial attorney specializing in civil litigation—mainly defense.

Vince Clark returned to Baylor and graduated with an M.A. in History in 1991. After teaching at Baylor for one year, he entered the University of Virginia to pursue a PhD in History. Vince completed his coursework, passed all his boards, and wrote a dissertation on the leadership style of Baylor President Abner McCall. In the meantime, Vince went to work in the History Department at McLennan Community College in 1995. He was named an Assistant Golf Coach in 2000 and became Head Golf Coach in 2007.  

Clark never defended his dissertation. As of 2018, however, he has taught over 12,000 MCC students. His golf teams have won three NJCAA National Championships. In 10 seasons as head coach, Vince Clark coached 19 All Americans, 13 Academic All Americans, and 7 Academic All American teams.  He was named the NJCAA Coach of the Year three times and the GCAA Coach of the Year once.

In 2015, Clark was among the initial inductees in The MCC Foundation’s Hall of Fame. In 2016, he was inducted in both the NJCAA Golf Coaches Hall of Fame and the GCAA Hall of Fame. Clark was an undergraduate and graduate assistant to legendary Baylor History professor Robert Reid, and over the course of more than 10 summers the, two led alumni and student tours of Europe.

Throughout his life he has loved riding horses, playing golf, and watching Baylor Sports.

*Photo credit to Kathryn Krueger*

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2 thoughts on “HOF Winners 2019: Vince Clark”

  1. Elaine Teague Tolen

    How far we’ve come from those long car rides from Baylor to our hometown of Springfield, Missouri! So proud of you, Vince!

  2. Vince Clark is one of a kind. I do not believe anyone can replicate his style, approach and commitment to history. His stories during my dual credit class in high school were so descriptive it was hard to not sit there and imagine. Many quotes and funny lines are still a part of my life, almost 20 years ago. Then at my Baylor ring ceremony I was honored to get to sit and imagine again with him. He has undoubtedly left a lasting impression in countless lives.

    Good friends, dear friends: here endth the lesson. Go Vincer!

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