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Deadline approaching for submitting nominees for Hall of Fame awards

The deadline for nominating candidates for the Baylor Line Foundation’s annual Hall of Fame alumni awards dinner is fast approaching.

You have until Oct. 31 to submit your nominations for one of seven awards, which will be presented at a gala dinner on Jan. 28, 2017, in the Barfield Drawing Room at the Baylor Student Union Building.

“We are excited to revive the Baylor Alumni Association’s three-decade-long tradition of honoring outstanding alumni across generational, geographic, and professional lines,” said Laura H. Hallmon ’96, JD ’99, who chairs the BLF’s Programs Committee. “Through a process of nomination and review by professional and personal peers, these awards shine a spotlight on the impressive diversity and accomplishment of those who stand in the legendary Baylor Line, focusing on those who have contributed to the Baylor family in ways that go well beyond their willingness to provide financial support.”

The Nelson-Dudley-Boulet family received the 2013 First Families of Baylor Award Photo: Baylor Lariat
The Nelson-Dudley-Boulet family received the 2013 First Families of Baylor Award.  Photo: Baylor Lariat

The BLF is accepting nominations from members of the Baylor Family (link to application) for awards in the following categories:

  • Distinguished Alumni Awards. Dating back to 1965 when they were first presented, these are the highest honors bestowed by the Baylor Line Foundation (and the Baylor Alumni Association before it) and recognize Baylor graduates whose records of service in their professions and vocations have merited the honor and acclaim of peers and colleagues.
  • Outstanding Young Alumni Awards, recognizing alumni under 40 years of age who have distinguished themselves in their fields early in their careers.
  • W.R. White Meritorious Service Award is named in honor of former Baylor President W.R. White and recognizes individuals who have rendered noteworthy service to Baylor in any area. The recipients do not have to be former students or graduates of Baylor.
  • First Families of Baylor Award, recognizing families whose names are inextricably linked to Baylor University – families that have sent several generations of students to Baylor and whose members often have been university leaders.
  • George W. Truett Distinguished Church Service Award, which recognizes those whose ministries exemplify the life and career of George W. Truett and who live out the university’s motto, “Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana.”
  • Herbert H. Reynolds Retired Faculty Members and Administrators Award. These awards, named in honor of former Baylor President Dr. Herbert H. Reynolds, presented to retired members of the Baylor faculty and administration. A high percentage of the members of the Baylor faculty and administration are Baylor alumni, and all are a source of alumni pride.
  • Abner V. McCall Humanitarian Award, recognizing alumni who have exhibited a Christian response to situations and people around them in ways exemplified by the life of former Baylor President Abner V. McCall.

As noted above, the deadline for submitting nominations is Oct. 31, 2016.  Nominations can be submitted in the following ways:

The committees that will review each nomination have asked that you provide detailed supporting information, including a resume, recommendation letter(s), and either online links or printed material such as newspaper or magazine articles, for your nominee.  In the case of the First Families of Baylor Award, the committee is asking for a comprehensive listing of family members who attended or graduated from Baylor.

“Our 2013 Hall of Fame Dinner at the Waco Convention Center was a wonderful evening that brought together the Baylor family in a way that we didn’t see for the next few years until our Onward! celebration this past June,” said Emily G. Tinsley ’61, who will co-chair the dinner with Gracie Hilton ’67. “We thought it was very important that we hold the return of this event on campus, and expect that we will fill every seat in the Barfield Drawing Room within a short period of time.”

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