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What is your favorite part of returning to Baylor?

baylor commencement

As hundreds — if not thousands — of alumni prepare to converge on campus this weekend to celebrate the graduation of family members and friends, we’re wondering: What is your favorite part of returning to Baylor? Or, if you’re not coming this weekend, what do you most look forward to when you do return?

burleson quadrangleFor some, it’s a favorite spot on campus (someone recently told us about a bridge that served as a morning prayer spot on the way to class).  For others, it’s the memory of a all-night study session that turned goofy around 4 a.m., an incredible end to a sports event (perhaps in terrible weather), running onto the field and tripping as part of the Baylor Line,  or a performance — as either a cast member or in the audience — at Sing or Pigskin Revue.  For still others, it’s a night out with friends at a favorite restaurant.  And maybe, just maybe, it’s the place you met (or kissed) your one true love — the person you’ve spent the last 20, 30, 40, or even 50 or more years with, raising a long Line of Baylor legacies.

Let us know — either in the comments or in a separate note to  If you have pictures of you (or your group) celebrating being a Bear, send them to us.


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1 thought on “What is your favorite part of returning to Baylor?”

  1. Charles Massler

    My favorite part of returning to campus is just walking around with my ‘bride’ to all the places we spent time together between 1966 and 1970. Special sites are the swings in the old quadrangle, the Carroll Library and Science Buildings, Old Main – an evening study location back in the day, the areas around Collins and Kokernot, the Mall, the basement of the Union Building (miss the Bear and the Cub), and, especially, the Drawing Room of the SUB where we met at the 1966 President’s Reception for new students — thanks Abner!

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