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BAA awards $55,400 in 2015-16 Legacy Scholarships

cost of collegeWe are pleased to announce that the BAA will award $1,000 scholarships for the 2015-16 school year to 54 Baylor undergraduates whose parents or grandparents (and in many cases, many other family members) attended the university.

The awards represent an increase of 28.5% in the amount of the scholarships with 12 additional students receiving awards over last year.

“We want to thank the members of the Baylor Family who have contributed to the Legacy Scholarship Fund and renewed their annual memberships at a rate that makes us comfortable with increasing the number of scholarships this year,” said BAA President Tom Nesbitt ’94. “We believe this is one of the most important ways that the Baylor Alumni Association serves the Baylor Family.

BAA Chief Marketing Officer Peter Osborne said the successful applicants include 31 freshmen, five sets of siblings (including at least one set of twins), and a number of children of Baylor faculty and staff.  In addition, the committee was struck by the number of applicants from single-family homes and from families that have committed themselves to the church through missionary work or service to their local churches.

“The selection committee was extremely impressed with the caliber of the applicants and by their passion for attending Baylor as a result of stories they’ve heard over the years and visits to the campus growing up,” Osborne said.  “It was also clear from the applications that there are some difficult conversations taking place between parents and students about the rising cost of tuition at Baylor and the students’ responsibilities for helping pay for the privilege of going to Baylor.  Many of the applications were heartbreaking and we’re proud to play some small part in making the decision to come here easier for members of the Baylor Family.”

BAA members who want to support this program can do so by renewing their annual memberships through this link.  Life Members can make a sustaining gift here and direct their contribution to the Legacy Scholarship Fund or other options.

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  1. I was unable to find ANY link or reference to the application, and assumed you were not giving any awards this year. Where was the information, and why was it so hard to find? My children are 5th generation bears, one senior and one freshman.

    1. We promoted it multiple times on both our website and through social media. I’m sorry you didn’t see it. We will make it even more visible next year, but I’d also suggest that you subscribe to our Line Notes updates and/or make sure that you’re on the mailing list for Between the Lines.

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