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Submit A Tip

Do you want to share something with Baylor Line? We are an independent media organization and not affiliated with Baylor University. We have several ways you can share confidential tips, documents, or photographs with us. We promise to keep your information completely confidential with only the necessary editorial staff. Below we outline several tools – from snail mail to apps – that help you discreetly share information with us.

Please don’t use these channels for feedback, comments, obituaries, pitches, or press releases — we welcome general correspondence like that here.

What makes a good tip?

A good news tip identifies a clear issue or problem with real-world consequences. Try to be specific. Sharing documentation or evidence fortifies your tip; hunches or rumors don’t. When submitting a tip, consider Baylor Line’s editorial focus: an independent voice for the Baylor Family covering important issues from beyond campus.

Good tips would include items like the following:

  • Evidence of illegal activity
  • Proof of public deception
  • Data that contradicts claims made by officials
  • First person account of an illegal act
  • Proof of a previously unreported and important issue

These are not tips and so should not be submitted using the following channels:

  • Reporting someone has passed away (Baylor Line no longer accepts unsolicited obituaries)
  • Submitting a complaint about previous coverage or letter to the editor (do that here)
  • Submitting a correction (do that here)
  • Submitting a story pitch (do that here)
  • Submitting a complaint about University or Baylor Line Foundation changes or activities
  • Attempts at public shaming or harassment

Not all tips are smoking guns. Perhaps you know of a dataset for which we should file an open records request. Feel free to let us know about those, too.

We review tips as they come in, but we cannot promise that each will receive an individual response. Thank you for sharing your tips with Baylor Line.

(Borrowed and altered from The Texas Tribune)

U.S. Mail

If you’re concerned about confidentiality, don’t put your name or return address on the envelope.

Mail correspondence, documents, or photographs here:

Baylor Line
c/o Editor
PO Box 2089
Waco, Texas 76703


Signal is a free messaging app that supports end-to-end encryption. Signal retains no metadata, such as the numbers you called or timestamps. Plus, the app allows messages to self-destruct. That means messages can be set to disappear from the recipient’s and sender’s phones after they’ve been seen.

Add Baylor Line: 254  –  400  –  9635


Email is a pretty good option if you are comfortable using a less secure channel. As working journalists, we know how important the role of trust is between a source and a reporter. We promise to keep your name and contact information confidential. Our email system is not accessible by Baylor University staff or administration or non-editorial Baylor Line Foundation staff.