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The Future of the Baylor Line

Dear Baylor Family,

For the last few months, our organization has been a little . . . quiet. Some of you may be wondering what we are up to, and what the future looks like for the Baylor Line Foundation. Those are good questions. I’m happy to share everything we have going on, but first I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Craig Cunningham, and I am the new Editor and Creative Director of the Baylor Line. I was born and raised in Waco and graduated from Baylor in ’08. After spending the last seven years down in Austin, my family is happy to move home and take on this new challenge. My wife, Kayleigh, is also a Waco native and Baylor graduate.

I’m not the only new face in our office. Shelby Pipken is also beginning as the Marketing Director. She’s a more recent grad (’14), and brings some much needed skills like social media, event planning, marketing, and design expertise to the team. She will be instrumental in broadening our membership and leading on some new initiatives we have in the works.

To say our team is optimistic about the future would be an understatement. Over the next few months, and in the early part of 2018, you will begin to notice some significant changes. We are building a new website, modernizing our logos and design elements, redesigning the magazine, and revitalizing our efforts to reach new (and old) graduates. We are also refining our value proposition and mission going forward. We’ve had positive and constructive conversations with the new university administration. Doors are opening every day that we never expected. In other words, we are full steam ahead towards a new day, and that day is right around the corner.

We are hard at work on the Winter 2018 issue of the magazine that will land on your doorsteps in late January or early February. In the meantime, we will keep you updated as changes roll out. And even though some things may change, the heart and purpose of this organization will always be upheld through everything we do. This organization has been the voice of alumni since 1859, and we want to empower that voice so the university we all love can be edified.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you, but many of you are still strangers. Let’s remedy that soon. Feel free to reach out to me directly at to introduce yourself, submit story ideas, or ask questions about where we are headed.

All the best,


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