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The Busy Month of May

By Meg Cullar, News Editor of the Baylor Line

It’s May, and as if end-of-school rituals weren’t enough to keep a person busy, it’s a very hectic time in the production cycle of the Baylor Line. But it’s also the most fun time to be the news editor of the Line, my job for the past fourteen years. Right now, I’m putting together the reporting for the stories for the summer issue’s news section.

That means I’m flitting all over campus, meeting new people, and learning new things about what’s going on. In the last three days, I’ve met half a dozen new people, had the opportunity to sit down and talk to people I’ve only met briefly before, and had long conversations with other people that I’ve known for years. Now what could possibly be more fun?

Two days ago, I sat down with Dr. Mary Ann Jordan, director of the newly revived master’s and principal certification program in the School of Education. I met her for the first time a few months ago when she invited me to be part of a program she was organizing. It was a day for local principals and administrators to be on the Baylor campus, and I was part of a panel discussion as the parent representative, since I’m the PTA president at Waco High School. When I had the opportunity to talk to her for a longer time, it was a delight to learn what motivated this long-time elementary school principal to come back to her alma mater to direct this program and to find out what she’s got planned for the Baylor master’s students.

I also needed a little bit of history about the master’s program, so I sat down with Dr. Robert Cloud for a few minutes. Dr. Cloud is on the Board of Directors of the alumni association and has been a friend to us in so many ways. But hearing him talk about the revival of this master’s program and what that means for the future in the School of Education was enlightening indeed.

Yesterday, I got to meet Dr. Gardner Campbell. He is new to Baylor, having arrived last September to direct the Academy for Teaching and Learning. Frankly, it was hard to keep up with the list of ongoing Baylor projects over which he’s now assumed leadership, not to mention the new programs he’s already got up and running or the projects that will be happening very soon. When just about anything having to do with teaching and learning comes up, he says, “OK, I’ll do that.” And he does. This morning, I went to a seminar he conducted at the request of just one person in the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Department. So now a whole group of faculty members in MFL knows how to incorporate “digital storytelling” into classroom curriculum.

Are you wondering what digital storytelling is? Do you want to know more about the School of Education’s revived master’s program? Well, you’ll have to wait until the beginning of July for the summer issue of the Baylor Line to arrive. We’ll also have stories in the news section about a sophomore who discovered a math concept, a new way to get a nursing degree, and the student literary magazine. Oh yes, and there will be something about monkeys.

And that lineup is just one section of the magazine. In addition, the Line will include fascinating feature stories, profiles of student athletes, alumni profiles, and the ever-popular “Down the Years” section to help you keep up with your classmates.

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