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Spring Break for Baylor Students

Every year in March, students all across the nation are rewarded for their hard work with a week-long vacation. At Baylor, students receive the week of  March 8 for Spring Break. Before packing up their cars and heading out of town, students were asked, “What are you doing for Spring Break?” Here’s what they said:

Colton Canava-sb

Colton Canava


Graphic design

Wichita Falls, Texas

“For spring break I’m going to Venice with my art history class for an upper level introduction to 19th century European art and Venice Culture. I’m looking forward to all the museums and architecture. I’m a nerd.”

Tim Sullivan-sbTim Sullivan


Mechanical Engineering

Fort Worth, Texas

“I’m going to go home because over the summer I’m not going to get to see my family; I’ll be away from them. So it’ll be a good time to spend time with them.” At the beginning of the summer I’ll be in Rwanda in Africa on a mission trip and then the rest of the summer I’ll be in Austin doing an internship.”

Emily Childs-sb

Emily Childs



Dallas, Texas

“I’m going to stay in Waco. I have a lot of papers to write but I’ll go out to eat and watch a movie, probably. I guess the freedom of not having a set schedule: wake up when I want, sleep in if I want to, get around to homework when I want, not having it due at 9 o’clock.”

Ericka Williams-sb

Ericka Williams



“I’m going home to work for the first part and the second part I’ll be going to Houston with my brother.”

Branden Ratliff-sb

Branden Ratliff



Stephenville, Texas

“I’m going to Florida with some friends. It’s called Perdido Key it’s right over the Alabama state line. I’m looking forward to getting away from school and sleeping.”

Tennessee Gist-sb

Tennessee Gist


Interior Design

The Woodlands, Texas

“I’m going home. [Excited about] Not having to do any school work, I’m just going to be with my family. I get to see my older siblings because they live in the area.”

Giovanna Reed-sb

Giovanna Reed


Business Music and Entertainment Marketing

Carmichael, Calif.

“I’m going to Sacramento, California to plan my wedding. (July 17th) I have a lot of family over there.”

Michael Youngblood-sb

Michael Youngblood



Allen, Texas

“I’m going home then going to Austin to visit my brother all his friends. I get to see my baby nephew—he’s like nine months old.”

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