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Scholarship Spotlight: Emily Starr

As an art history major with a minor in museum studies, Tyler senior Emily Starr hopes to change the way audiences engage with art. From a young age she developed a passion for art, specifically how it was displayed in museums and the way a person sees each piece. 

“My biggest dream is taking the things that I love and think are incredible about art, and showing people who may not gravitate towards art just how much of an impact those parts of history are,” Starr said. “There are so many things to be learned from art, which is often seen as an old, pretty object sitting in a museum.”

Starr comes from a long line of Baylor graduates, and while originally opposed to attending the same college as her family, she quickly realized Baylor was the place she felt most at home. During her time at Baylor, Starr has developed close relationships with a number of professors who have shaped her dreams for her future career. 

“Dr. DeLouche, who is the specialist of 19th century art at Baylor, has helped me find the part of art history that really interests and resonates with me,” Starr said. She also had the opportunity to work with Dr. Hornic, a Renaissance scholar, which was a unique and amazing experience. 

Starr said one of the special things about Baylor professors is how available they are to each student, and how they make a point to get to know their students on a personal level. She said almost every professor has given her something, either academic or personal encouragement, which she will always be grateful for. After graduating in May, Starr hopes to return to receive a Master’s in Art History.

As a recipient of the Baylor Line Foundation Scholarship for Legacy Scholars, Starr is grateful for the way the scholarship has provided the opportunity for additional experiences at Baylor. Last summer she attended the Baylor in Great Britain program, which would not have been possible had she not received the scholarship. “This year, the scholarship will help me when looking forward to graduate school expenses,” Starr added. 

While at Baylor, Starr is a member of the Chi Omega sorority and also writes for two student-run publications — Buttoned Bears and Focus Magazine. One of her favorite parts about Baylor the people she’s met. “All of the close friends i have made here, I just know I’ll have for a long time after we’ve graduated,” Starr said. “While a lot of college students make really great friends, there is something about Baylor specifically that attracts some really incredible people.”

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