President Starr’s First Day at Baylor

Starr day oneThe Baylor Alumni Association would like to extend a warm welcome to President Ken Starr on his first official day at Baylor University. A native Texan, Starr is the fourteenth president in Baylor’s history.

To celebrate the occasion, the university held a Tuesday afternoon picnic on the steps of Pat Neff Hall, where Starr greeted faculty, staff, and students. Those in attendance enjoyed Dr Pepper floats, lemonade, and a variety of picnic goodies.

“Greeting a new president is a meaningful occasion in the life of any university, and we want to welcome President Starr and his family on their first day,” said Jeff Kilgore, vice president and CEO of the Baylor Alumni Association. “In its 165-year history, Baylor has welcomed only thirteen new presidents, and the BAA wants to recognize this significant day for the Starr family and our alma mater as we wish Baylor and the new president our very best.”

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