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Making Strides and Scoring Goals: Kylie Finney

Kylie Finney is a marketing major at the Hankamner School of Business and a Baylor Legacy scholarship recipient. She grew up in Northern Virginia, right outside DC, attending Chantilly High School where she played varsity soccer for four years and participated in class leadership for two years. On top of varsity soccer and leadership, Kylie also played travel soccer.


Kylie had an interest in Baylor University before even starting her recruitment process due to the fact that her dad graduated from Baylor back in 1998. After doing some research on the business school and taking an official visit, Kylie knew she would commit to Baylor after she was offered a preferred walk-on roster spot.


“My dad went to Baylor, graduating in 1998, so when I was going through recruiting to play college soccer I expressed interest in the program here at Baylor. After my official visit and researching the business school, it was a no brainer when I was offered a preferred walk-on roster spot to attend Baylor,” says Kylie.


Kylie decided on marketing as her major, saying that she has always loved marketing and business. Kylie shared an experience that made her who she is today: dealing with severe ADHD since third grade. Kylie says dealing with ADHD has been tough but with medication and hard work, she has managed to become a D1 soccer player with a 3.9 GPA after her first semester at Baylor University.


“So far, the athletic department has shown great pride and support in making sure the academic side of my journey is a top priority,” says Kylie.


Baylor University not only makes academics top priority for their students but most importantly, they give great support and show pride which motivates Kylie into success.

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