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Life Lessons from Professors: Grace Craighead

Originally from Missouri, she has two siblings: a brother and an identical twin sister. In high school, Grace was very involved in organizations (student council, FCA, prom committee, VP) and sports (golf, basketball, soccer). She had success in writing throughout high school by winning essay contests; this made her want to major in Journalism. Grace, who is majoring in journalism, is also minoring in Studio Art & Communications. She has always loved art and has a small business selling paper products which incorporates all of her passions into one. Grace is also a member of the Chi Omega sorority.


With both of Grace’s parents graduating from Baylor, Baylor football games were always on the tv when Grace was growing up. Grace loved hearing stories about Baylor when she was a kid. For as long as she can remember, Grace’s family had been going on vacations with other Baylor families every summer. Grace’s mom would go on girls’ trips with her sorority sisters from Baylor. Seeing these lasting friendships that Baylor brought her parents, Grace dreamt of going to Baylor and forming the same type of relationships.


“We would travel to see homecoming games as kids. We would go on spring break trips to places like Colorado, and cut skiing short for the day just to watch Baylor basketball in March Madness. I just loved all things Baylor,” says Grace. 


Grace always knew she wanted to go to Baylor, but watching her brother have an amazing experience at Baylor solidified her decision. Being a freshman while her brother was a senior was such a special experience for Grace and she feels they have gotten closer because of this time together.


Grace has felt lucky to have had phenomenal professors at Baylor who care deeply. Especially inspired by her Latin professor, Dr. Joseph DiLuzio, Grace explains that he is the type of professor who makes you want to work hard because he truly cares about his students. He is always making himself available if students need help outside of the classroom and takes the time to get to know his students. Grace says that she loved his class because it challenged her to work hard and also to love the process of working hard.


“His office hours also inspired me because he was able to speak into my future and give advice as to what I should do with my time left at Baylor. He prioritizes faith, family, and learning, and incorporates them all into his classes. I cannot speak more highly of him,” says Grace.  


Grace also mentions being inspired by Dr. Kevin Tankersley, her Mass Communications professor, and Professor Greg Lewllen, her Drawing I professor. Both professors showed Grace what it is like to welcome people into your life and how to treat others more like Christ. Grace says she has felt the love and care of Baylor faculty first hand. The care Baylor professors have in the classroom extends outside of the classroom and within the Waco community.


“Baylor has set me up for success because I am continually being trained and taught for specific areas of work I am interested in. It has given me a community that I already know will outlast my time here. It has taught me time management like never before and how to guard my yeses,” says Grace.


Grace believes that there is no other university that combines faith, sports, academics, and family better than Baylor. It’s clear that the pride Baylor students have in their school is infectious. Grace says that going to the Big 12 championship game last football season was especially memorable. Cheering on the bears with other students was such an exciting time.


One of Grace’s most shaping experiences at Baylor so far has been her time in Vertical. Vertical at Baylor provides students with opportunities every week to grow spiritually through worship and talks.


“Every year Passion comes to Baylor to tour and play for students, which is a very neat opportunity. I have enjoyed my time at Vertical because it has grown me spiritually and shown me the emphasis Baylor has on faith even more,” says Grace. 

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