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It’s a small world after all

You never know who your boss might be.

Often times students think their future boss is off in another city — a distant stranger. But what if you have already met them? What if you see them every day?

During a panel discussion, Baylor alumni discussed the full-time jobs they received based on connections made at Baylor.

Sara Lynch graduated in the class of 2018, but remained at Baylor working in Parent Engagement due to her college internship with Baylor University Development. 

“You never know who your current boss is going to know,” Lynch said. “My internship boss cornered my current boss in the girls bathroom and said,  ‘You need to interview [Sara].’”

Thanks to the mutual connection, Lynch was able to receive an offer and continue her time at Baylor. 

“I was able to start my job the Monday after I graduated,” Lynch said.

Rieper speaks about connections she made at Baylor.

Lynch is not the only student who landed a job due to a connection created at Baylor. Kaitlyn Rieper received the position she has today thanks to a professor she had at Baylor.

“Treat your classes as professionally as you would treat your internship,” Rieper said. “You don’t know what your classwork will do for you and who your professors will know.”

Students are not the only ones discovering potential employers through Baylor connections. The faculty and staff have their eyes out for talent as well. Carl Flynn, Director of Marketing and Communications for Information Technology and University Libraries, often hires graduating seniors to work for him based off their proven track record.

Carlye Thornton (Left) and Carl Flynn (Right).

For instance, Carlye Thornton interned with Flynn as part of an internship class in the fall of 2013 and is now the Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist for Information Technology and University Libraries.

“Be invested in what you’re doing because it’s for your future,” Flynn said.

Whether you are working on a paper in a class or a project for your company, give it your all in the present so that it will pay off in the future.

“You are a brand,” Flynn said.

Students should not only represents themselves well, but also represent future employers in a positive light.

It is important to connect with the people in your community. First build a bond, then build a relationship. A connection that was formed while in college may come back to create a career in your future. Never underestimate the impact you are having on someone or the ripple your work creates.

Connect with Baylor students and alumni today on the Baylor Line Foundation LinkedIn page. You never know who your next boss might be or who your future co-workers are. 

It’s a small world after all. 

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