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Going Clubbing

By Lisa Asher
Associate Editor, Baylor Line and Editor, Between the Lines

I’m looking forward to this year’s Heritage Club on March 29-31 for numerous reasons, not the least of which is that I’m a pretty big hit with the older men. (Ones my own age can be a different story, but that’s a subject for another day!)

Throughout the last decade, I’ve developed a mini-fan club of alums who make a point of finding me during the event to catch up, get reacquainted, and share a few compliments. I even had one woman mistake me for the daughter of one of my (slightly older) office mates–earning her my undying gratitude and my fellow staffer’s undying wrath!

I’d like to think that the extra attention directed my way is because of my sparkling personality or wonderful wit. But when I chance to look around during the three-day event, I’ll see every alumni association staff member being lavished with the same attention and praise. So I’m forced to admit that it’s not really about me–it’s about the Heritage Club members themselves.

Every spring since 1977, the alumni association has hosted Heritage Club, a reunion for people who attended or graduated from Baylor at least fifty years ago. Over the years, the event has grown to include informative seminars, tours of buildings both old and new, and a golden anniversary ceremony for the fifty-year class, who receive diplomas or certificates.

The several hundred people who attend each year love the tours and gush about the Middle Eastern seminar from Baylor lecturer Lynn Tatum. And the new inductees in the fifty-year class always seem humbled by their special ceremony. But mostly the attendees, who represent the Class of 1936 all the way to the Class of 1959, are simply thankful–for their very own reunion without the hustle and bustle of Homecoming. For the chance to reconnect with friends they haven’t seen in decades. And for the event itself and all that the alumni association does on their behalf.

And that is why the staff, in turn, is so thankful for the members of Heritage Club. When you plan and stage the same events year after year, you can become a little jaded. But, to a person, the BAA staff never feels that way about Heritage Club because, for the three days during the event–and for weeks and even months after–we each receive numerous thank yous and compliments about the event, our work, and even ourselves.

Maybe manners were a little more refined back when Heritage Club members were younger, or maybe our staff just looks particularly in need of praise. But whatever the reason, the Heritage Clubbers are unfailingly kind, courteous, and appreciative. For the three days that the attendees are back in Waco, we truly get to experience the Baylor family as we’ve always heard it to be.

So Stuart, Larry, and all the rest of my Heritage fan club, I’ll be looking for you on March 29. I look forward to catching up–and enjoying a little sweet talk, too!

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