Friendships Found in the Middle East; A Bolen Update

3c-gala-bowlBy Julie Copenhaver

Dr. Bolen continues to travel across the Middle East, making new friends while exploring various cities and cultures. His recent adventures involve shopping in old Damascus, the student piano and voice recital in Syria (preparations for the gala pictured here), and discovering a Syrian myth that ceiling fans cause stomach problems.

Bolen also gains perspective from locals about politics and war, and after befriending a family struggling with war-zone obstacles, he discovers the “healing capacity of music is far greater than ever imagined.”

Don’t miss out on Bolen’s first sights of the Mediterranean Sea as he leaves Syria and travels back to the American University of Beirut, and read about the return of Omar from Iraq, as he takes his very first trip out of Iraq to visit Bolen in Beirut.

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