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Editor’s Note


Wow. What you hold in your hands now is truly going to be a treat. This issue defies categorization, description, even my wildest hopes of what it could become. Together the stories incased in these pages demonstrate just how truly awesome the Baylor Family is when everyone — and I mean everyone — is included.

In my undergraduate years, I became interested in the story of how Baylor desegrated the campus. It turned into a six year obsession, spanning two degrees, hundreds of interviews, and thousands of hours of research. Along the way, I met people who, and I know this can sometimes be a cliché but I deeply mean it — I met people who are changing the world through their voice.

When you think of change, it’s probably not something that happens thanks to a librarian toiling await in a closet with vinyl record, or because of a student joining in the tradition of a stories choir, or a man meeting the widow of a veteran. But that’s actually the very places where change starts, grows, and spreads.

This little issue you hold is built on that simple idea.

Change happens when we give our very best with a great spirit from our deepest soul.

In addition to this issue, we are also highlighting those in the Baylor Family who do this important work throughout our content properties. Online at, you can re-watch recent Hall of Fame Award Ceremonies, where we honor our best and brightest; you can read decades of archives from Baylor Line Magazine; and, my personal favorite, you can join me in decoding the professional success and personal stories of the Baylor Family’s best on podcast episodes of Direct Line.

Together, I think all this work proves that with spirit and with soul, we can each change the world in phenomenal ways.

I hope this issue inspires you to do just that with and in your own life. How will you embrace your own spirit and soul?

Yours, Jon

Jonathon Platt (‘16, MA ‘19) Editor-in-chief, Baylor Line Magazine

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