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Editor’s Note

As this first-ever issue of Baylor Line Insider Exclusive reaches you, there will be a terrible thing happening. Most studies show that our New Year’s Resolutions will only survive the first month or so of the year. All that energy and excitement gained around these efforts at the end of 2021 and then they’re gone.

I’ve heard it said that we usually underestimate how long a task will take, but we will overestimate how much we can do in a year. Recently, I’ve invented a line to help me remember this: “Double the timeline; half the expectations.” I say this because I want to exceed your expectations with outstanding, high-quality content but without burning myself out, like so many of our resolutions.

I’ve come to this way of working — following that simple line — because of the people this magazine profiles and works with. They’re people who have built, are extending, and will leave behind awesome legacies. They didn’t do this overnight. Every one of them will admit to that. Instead, they build on the previous day to make a greater tomorrow.

And that’s what this issue is all about: Carrying the torch.

Carrying the torch is a mindset, a way of doing great things, in, with, and beyond your life. Carrying the torch means we honor the past, look to the future, but live in the present. While this is the topic of this issue, it’s also the purpose of this new publication. Baylor Line Living isn’t replacing Baylor Line Magazine — it’s an extension of it. Your support makes it possible for us to carry the torch to new heights and in new ways together.

In this inaugural issue, you’ll meet our new board president, Tony Pederson (‘73), and read his vision for the next year (page 4). You will also meet some (but certainly not all) of our favorite Bears who are carrying the torch well, like J Rice (page 16), Karen Jones (page 20), and Robert Morales (page 24). Also in this issue is a special article by John McClain (‘75), honoring and remembering his mentor, Dave Campbell (page 28). Finally, we’ve included a republished article from 1969 by Willam R. Carden that lays out a vision for what Baylor could (should?) look like by the year 2000 (page 32). 

I’m so excited for this issue to be in your hands. It represents a huge leap for Baylor Line Foundation. That is thanks to you. I cannot be more grateful. Please, enjoy. 



Jonathon Platt (‘16, MA ‘19)
Editor-in-chief, Baylor Line Insider Exclusive

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