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Amazing Baylor Internships: Building a bridge beyond the classroom

Across disciplines and interests these are six internship opportunities Baylor students should consider

From working alongside healthcare and community development specialists combating poverty throughout the United States and heading to Washington for a congressional internship or spending nine weeks in the lab alongside leaders in tropical disease research, Baylor University’s plentiful internship opportunities are thrilling and diverse.

Internships are a sure-fire way for undergraduate students to not only put their academic studies to real-life practice — they are also a launching point for future employment and a valuable way to maximize collegiate experiences. They also help students decide if their career aspirations are on the right track. One post-collegiate employment study found that 70 percent of interns are hired at the same company they interned with and more than 300,000 students participate in an intern program each year. Now, more than 60 percent of internships also offer payment or a stipend. 

“Internships offer hands-on opportunities to apply academic learning to the world’s challenges — a bridge of sorts between the classroom and the world,” said Dr. Andrew P. Hogue, Associate Dean for Engaged Learning. “We want our students to make a positive impact on the world, to be prepared for a lifetime of ‘worldwide leadership and service,’ and internships are often an important early step.”

Before applying, Dr. Hogue first encourages students to hone in on their individual aspirations and the impact they wish to make in the world. 

This might involve identifying specific jobs or careers, but it also requires thinking about how they want to orient their lives,” he said. 

With a hopeful path on the horizon, Dr. Hogue then guides students to utilize the robust resources available at Baylor like receiving application help, utilizing connections with renowned alumnus, and meeting with both the Career Center and the Office of Engaged Learning.

And with a hopeful eye on the adventure ahead, it’s then time to start seeking out stellar opportunities. Below are just a few of the popular student favorites available: 


Baylor in Washington

A popular opportunity for students from any major, the Baylor in Washington program connects students with an internship experience from their chosen field and interests, while also allowing students to earn a full semester of university credit hours. From Congressional internships to programs with the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, this program allows students to access specific fields of the government while networking and gaining professional development in the heart of the nation’s capital.  

Location: Washington, D.C.

Payment: Dependent on internship

Who Can Apply? Students from any major 

Deadline to Apply: Spring semester deadline: May 1. Students must apply to the Baylor in Washington program separately, plus a specific Washington, D.C. internship. To begin the process, email


Fish & Feathers Internship Program

A twelve-week summer internship, the Fish & Feathers Internship Program brings academics to the great outdoors. Combining a passion for biology and natural resource management with community engagement, this program is a part of Environment for the Americas and the National Park Services and allows students to work with local communities through fishing, birding, and a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities, all located in a variety of beautiful national parks throughout the United States.  

Location: Host sites include a wide range of spots, such as Everglades National Park, Redwoods National Park, Great Smoky Mountains, and more

Payment: $600 per week, plus travel expenses and provided housing for out-of-state students

Who Can Apply? Undergraduate and graduate students

Deadline to Apply: Usually January to early February


Historic Deerfield Summer Fellows Program

The Historic Deerfield Summer Fellowship Program is a nine-week, hands-on experience for seven students that is steeped in exploring rich United States history. This fellowship is ideal for students interested in United States history or pursuing a career in museum curation and research. The program is held at the eighteenth century-old home set in the scenic Connecticut River Valley. Interns live alongside other fellows in the historic village and explore the history and material culture studies of New England, architecture, Native American and African American history in the area, and archeological heritage of the Colonial Revival. Fellows also have opportunities to research using museum and library collections and finish the experience with a week-long road trip. 

Location: River Valley, Massachusetts 

Payment: Includes tuition, room and board, and field trips.

Who Can Apply? Juniors and seniors

Deadline to Apply: Usually February


IRTS Summer Fellowship Program

The International Radio and Television Society Foundation’s Summer Fellowship Program is a nine-week internship that places recipients in an internship with a company aligned with their specific media interests, while also providing fellows unique opportunities to participate in group programming and gain insight into the inner workings of media. Beyond their experiences at a top New York City company, students create lasting relationships with mentors, attend speaker series, and expand their professional development skills. IRTS fellows have gone on to become directors of original series at Netflix, host their own shows, become executive producers at top networks, screen writers, and more.  

Location: New York City

Payment: Paid, with expenses, like round-trip travel and Manhattan housing, also included.

Who Can Apply? Students must be a current junior, senior, or grad student to apply. 

Deadline to Apply: Usually late-January


Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty Internships

In partnership with the Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty, Baylor University’s Shephard Scholars Poverty Internships work full-time for eight-weeks in anti-poverty work. Students interested in civic and political leadership receive first-hand research and work experience alongside individuals and organizations working to serve and support those undergoing material poverty. Undergraduate scholars are assigned with an internship that aligns with their individual career paths, like healthcare, community development, and law, and work alongside other interns. Here, students dip their toe into the real and lasting impact they can make after graduation. 

Location: Popular placement locations include Public Defender Services for the District of Columbia in Washington D.C.; The University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson; and the New American Pathways in Atlanta, Georgia, among others. 

Payment: The fully funded internship covers expenses like housing.  

Who Can Apply? Undergraduate students.

Deadline to Apply: Usually early December 


Tropical Disease Research Internship Program

If the idea of exploring vaccine development for neglected tropical and emerging infectious diseases lights your scholastic fire, the competitive Tropical Disease Research Internship Program with the Baylor College of Medicine’s National School of Tropical Medicine is the ticket. Five students pursuing global healthcare are chosen each year to spend nine weeks working alongside groundbreaking leaders in their field. From public policy and ongoing research to the development of vaccines target antigens, the work done as part of this internship has the potential to change the course of healthcare worldwide. Students will participate in research, have mentor meetings, and, after the course, will present a final paper to the program leaders.  

Location: Houston

Payment: Unpaid

Who Can Apply? Undergraduates planning to pursue global healthcare. 

Deadline to Apply: Usually February

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