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Dr. Livingstone and Joel Allison Discuss Illuminate, Other Topics in Friday Press Conference


On Friday afternoon, we had the chance to join other media outlets in hearing the vision for the new academic strategic plan titled ‘Illuminate’. Dr. Livingstone presented the plan to the Board of Regents, and the plan has been approved. An overview of the plan can be found here, and the full plan is expected to be available in the coming days. This is a significant achievement for her presidency, and also a clear vision of what to expect from Baylor in the coming years. The other development from today’s meeting is that Katie Jo Baumgardner Luningham and Gordon Wilkerson have been named the alumni-elected regents. Baylor’s press release can be found here.



:01 – Dr. Livingstone’s opening remarks on Illuminate.

2:22 – Question about faculty support and debates about Baylor’s direction

3:20 – Question over changes in language of four pillars, specifically over the word ‘Baptist’

5:20 – Question over endowment numbers, goals, and taxes

7:35 – Question over new provost candidates and effect on Illuminate

8:55 – Question over “unambiguously Christian” meaning and examples

10:45 – Board Chairman Joel Allison opening remarks

12:15 – Question over alumni-elected regents and process going forward

13:21 – Question over alumni reactions to Conversations Series around the country

16:19 – Question over anticipated pushback on specifics of the plan

17:09 – Question over current BGCT support for Baylor’s direction (Dr. Livingstone contributes to answer)

19:19 – Question over recent letters from groups of faculty (Dr. Livingstone answers)

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