Checking in with Dr. Bolen as He Heads to Iraq

p1000219By Racquel Joseph

Dr. Bolen is now Iraq-bound. In his latest entry, he experiments with an Arabic language generator as he finishes packing. Dr. Bolen’s June 27th and 28th updates are some of his last to be written on American soil. He writes of hectic last-minute preparations in the midst of Baylor’s Summer Piano Institute, including the proper care of a deranged cat. The need for a “real” mp3 player is satisfied, along with one of his fears about flying to Iraq. Bolen also acknowledges the naysayers and those who question why he would travel so far to teach and share music. I’ll give you a hint, its about arrivals and departures. Be sure to read his mention of Dr. Baker’s continued research in Nigeria.

To read Dr. Bolen’s blog, click here!

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