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Dr. Bolen Continues His Journey


By Racquel Joseph

Dr. Bolen has been busy updating his blog! In his latest entry, you can read about the chaos involved in getting a group of people from Erbil, Iraq, to Damascus, Syria, including a nighttime border crossing. Read about his adventures exploring the city of Erbil just before he left the country and what it was like living just fifty miles from Mosul, a city in turmoil.

Finally getting the chance to leave “Modern City Hotel,” Dr. Bolen explored local landmarks, ran into YouTube celebrities (like Matt Harding, pictured here at Citibul with Dr. Bolen), and recorded the stories of his students and colleagues. Soon, you’ll able to see video clips of his exploits! Be sure to read all about his star pupil and, fingers crossed, potential Baylor student Boran Zaza and how they can almost be considered local movie stars.

To read Dr. Bolen’s blog, click here

Check out the YouTube video by Matt Harding

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