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14 Best Coffee Shops in Waco

Let’s go on a journey through the flavors of Waco's coffee. Read this comprehensive guide to discover the 15 best coffee shops in Waco, TX.

Coffee is for everyone – that’s what we learned by exploring Waco’s coffee scene during our trip.

From a robust brew that embodies the Texan spirit to a light, sweet coffee beverage that reminds us of Southern hospitality, the local offerings are as varied as they are delightful.


Whether you want to delight your senses with delicious coffee beans or you are just seeking a nice spot to relax while having local coffee, Waco has something special for you.

Today, we are going on a caffeinated trip through several flavors and aromas in the streets of this Texan city. Read further to check out the 15 best coffee shops in Waco, TX.


Exploring Waco’s Hidden Treasures for Coffee Lovers

Waco is a city with a charming passion for local coffee shops – there are several nice spots to visit and discover as you walk through downtown Waco and other widely known streets.

Most of these coffee shops are locally owned and offer delicious drinks with locally roasted beans.

This provides coffee enthusiasts with unique flavors and spectacular aromas that can’t be found elsewhere, only in Waco!

The pandemic that shook the world in 2020 has affected many locally-owned businesses, but the love for coffee continues thriving among Wacoans and tourists.

Therefore, we are going to check the most unique coffee shops that have delighted Wacoans for decades, as well as the newest coffee shops that have emerged within the heart of Waco.

Moreover, by visiting a local coffee shop in Waco, we get to experience Southern hospitality and the true Wacoan spirit firsthand, which further connects us to the essence of this unique city.


15 Best Coffee Shops in Waco, TX

As we start our new caffeine-packed journey through Waco, we’ll find many fantastic coffee shops: some are new, some are old, and some are like nothing you’ve seen in Texas.

It doesn’t matter if you are a die-hard coffee lover or an iced coffee enthusiast – we’ll embark on an adventure to explore the 15 best coffee shops in Waco together!


1. Common Grounds Coffee Shop

Common Grounds is one of the favorite Waco coffee shops of Waco locals and Baylor students due to its perfect location (right next to campus!) and the distinct flavors of their drinks.

This place is more than a simple coffee shop – it’s also a great spot to have delicious food, as the Cowboy Menu available for visitors is varied, fairly priced, and highly appetizing.

Common Grounds has also turned into a local place of entertainment. Most weeks, the coffee shop hosts different concert and entertainment events that appeal to visitors from all over the country.

Likewise, Common Grounds Waco is known for having a “secret sauce” that they add to most of their drinks. What’s this secret sauce, you ask? It remains a mystery, but it’s certainly the key to making incredible coffee.

Overall, this trendy coffee shop is considered the favorite coffee spot in Waco by many people who visit this city for several reasons, such as its location, flavors, entertainment options, and more.

In fact, people who try their great coffee and get surprised by the charm of the “secret ingredient” of Common Grounds can purchase their own Cowboy Coffee Kit ($30) or Common Grounds Secret Sauce ($16) to take a piece of Waco back home.


2. Magnolia Press Coffee

Waco is recognized for its iconic Magnolia Silos. The Magnolia Market area is a touristy spot, and within just a short walk from the silos, you can enjoy delicious coffee at Magnolia Press Coffee.

Magnolia Press Coffee is one of the most visited Waco coffee shops in town, but don’t let its touristy essence fool you – the coffee here is fairly amazing.

From espresso drinks with oat milk to hot chocolate and dark coffee, Magnolia Press Coffee offers a varied menu that will delight caffeine lovers.

Magnolia Press Coffee closes on Sundays, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly so you don’t miss a visit to this Waco coffee shop.


3. Dichotomy Coffee and Spirits

A traditional coffee menu of hot and cold coffee drinks perfectly blends with specialty spirits and signature cocktails at Dichotomy Coffee and Spirits.

Dichotomy is a coffee shop during the day and a cocktail bar after the sun sets. Their varied coffee menu includes classic espresso drinks, local Waco coffee brews, and signature offerings, such as The Flying Bison and The Bluebonnet.

Dichotomy Coffee has a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while admiring the greatness of Waco.

And then, as soon as the night arrives, you can taste the other options that this cafe offers – Texan whisky and signature cocktails will perfectly delight your senses after trying exquisite coffee drinks while sitting in premium lounge chairs.


4. Pinewood Coffee Bar

Pinewood Coffee Bar is one of the shops that pays more attention to the quality of their drinks.

Locals, visitors, and wanderers come to Pinewood Coffee Bar to have amazing Sunday brunch, experience freshly roasted coffee with genuine flavors, and buy a little something at their iconic gift shop.

This Waco coffee shop also offers the opportunity to visit the adjacent Pinewood Public House, allowing you to enjoy both experiences in one convenient location.

If you are eager to try good food while also delighting your senses with premium coffee that can only be found in Waco, then Pinewood Coffee Bar should be on your “must visit” list. Check the official Pinewood Coffee website to learn more about their products, hours, and location.


5. BRÛ Artisan Coffee Works

BRÛ Artisan Coffee Works is a place specially made for those who love coffee.

From caramel coffee crunch to amazing cupcakes and chocolate croissant options, your palette will be impressed by the flavors of BRÛ.

We are on a journey through the flavors of coffee, but this coffee shop also serves some of the best teas that you’ll find around downtown Waco and its surroundings.

This coffee house is rather small but cozy, and all visitors agree on the fact that the customer service is outstanding.

BRÛ Artisan Coffee Works mixes the vintage essence of coffee with modern flavors and offerings that keep Wacoans and tourists delighted by their elegant yet affordable coffee options – don’t forget to try their star drink, the Cold ​​BRÛ!


6. Collin Street Bakery

Collin Street Bakery is a widely known coffee and pastries shop with many different locations across various Texas cities.

This famous Texan bakery, founded in 1896, can be found in just north of Waco as well. Over 125 years “in the baking” have provided Collin Street Bakery with a great reputation – they are the creators of their signature pastry, the DeLuxe Fruitcake, but they also serve different types of coffee drinks.

If this is your first time in The Lone Star State, then paying a visit to Collin Street Bakery is highly advisable if you want to feel more connected to the spirit and idiosyncrasy of Texans. 


7. World Cup Cafe and Fair Trade Market

World Cup Cafe and Fair Trade Market is a coffee shop situated in North Waco founded in 2006 with the objective of bringing new job opportunities to the community.

Since then, several locals and visitors come to the coffee shop to enjoy breakfast and lunch items, which makes it the ideal place for brunch in Waco.

World Cup Cafe started thanks to Mission Waco, a non-profit program dedicated to helping Waco grow bigger, stronger, and more stable.

By visiting this coffee shop, you are not only tasting some of the best coffee around but also supporting a locally-owned business that has profoundly impacted the lives of many Wacoansenjoy a good cup at World Cup Café!!


8. Fabled Bookshop Cafe

There’s nothing like having a relaxing afternoon with a good cup of coffee, a nice book, a cozy environment with comfortable sofas and natural wood beams to read better.

That’s exactly what Fabled Bookshop Cafe offers – a place that serves coffee and provides you with interesting books to read and new stories to discover.

If you are struggling to find a good reading, then let the staff help you out with the famous Staff Picks. Fabled Bookshop is widely known as one of the best coffee shops in Waco for its original setting and varied entertainment options.

Fabled Bookshop Cafe is located less than one mile away from the Baylor University Campus, so expect to find many students here. 


9. Cafe Homestead

Cafe Homestead is a popular restaurant, lunch, and breakfast place based at the historic craft village, Homestead Heritage.

Located a few miles away from central Waco, Cafe Homestead is a popular dining place among Wacoans and tourists who wish to feel the old Texan charm in a place that reminds us how things used to be.

Cafe Homestead is considered a must-visit location for those who want to learn more about the traditions of old yet highly relevant Texas farming communities. Their fresh-brewed coffee is only $3, and the dining menu is so varied that you can savor a wide array of dishes made with an original Texan twist.


10. Thrst Coffee Shop

Visitors describe Thrst Coffee Shop as a Mexican-hipster space with unique coffee flavors and interesting art galleries.

The original essence of Thrst Coffee Shop perfectly mixes with their high-quality, premium coffee beans roasted locally to bring us some of the most enjoyable coffee drinks in Waco.

Their most popular coffee drinks are the Hot Café De Olla Latte and the Batch Brew, two unique offerings that can only be found here. 

Don’t forget to try the Hot Mexican Mocha, made with authentic Abuelita Mexican Chocolate – you can find Thrst Coffee located at 1500 Colcord Ave Suite C, Waco, TX.


11. Cafe Cappuccino

Cafe Cappuccino offers everything you expect from a coffee shop: a varied coffee menu, great breakfast items, and a cozy environment to charge your energies before continuing your Texan trip.

There are two Cafe Cappuccino locations in Waco: one is right in downtown Waco, and the other one is at Richland Dr.

Both of them have the same items, drinks, and menus, so if you are looking for a place to have a nice cup of coffee accompanied by delicious breakfast pancakes, then you’ve found it.


12. Bitty & Beau’s Coffee

Ready to visit the newest coffee shop in Waco? Bitty & Beau’s Coffee was founded back in 2021, and since then, locals have recognized it as one of the best new coffee shops in town.

They are specialized in cold beverages, but their hot coffee drinks are hearty as well. The coffee house is big and well-lit, which makes it the ideal location to take some nice pictures of your coffee while also planning the next step in your Waco trip.


13. Be Kind Coffee

Downtown Waco is home to Be Kind Coffee, a Latino-owned coffee shop with amazingly friendly staff and varied coffee offerings.

Be Kind Coffee celebrates the Latino essence of Texas while also promoting kindness among citizens.

Their signature drink is the Bee Kind Latte, but the Do Good Latte is delicious as well – make sure to check their full coffee bar menu here.


14. Lighthouse Coffee & Wine

Lighthouse Waco is a family-owned and veteran-owned place that specializes in two of the best things in the world: coffee and wine.

Lighthouse Coffee & Wine aims to provide a welcoming environment for the entire community. Tourists will feel at home as locals greet them with open arms into their city.

This place is especially known for being one of the kindest and friendlier locations in Waco – visitors always leave Lighthouse Coffee with their hearts full, thanks to the kind words of the staff.


Summary: The Ultimate 2023 Waco Coffee Guide

Waco seems to be the ideal place for coffee enthusiasts to explore the varied flavors of caffeine-based drinks while also unraveling the aromas of Texas’ hidden gems.

These are the best, most unique, and most interesting coffee shops in Waco, TX:

  1. Common Grounds Coffee Shop – Trendy coffee spot with distinct flavors and entertainment events.
  2. Magnolia Press Coffee – Iconic touristy spot near Magnolia Silos, offering amazing coffee options.
  3. Dichotomy Coffee and Spirits – Daytime coffee shop, evening cocktail bar with a rooftop terrace.
  4. Pinewood Coffee Bar – Quality coffee and pastries with an adjacent public house.
  5. BRÛ Artisan Coffee Works – Vintage ambiance, modern flavors, and top-notch coffee and teas.
  6. Collin Street Bakery – Famous Texan bakery with coffee and signature pastries.
  7. World Cup Cafe and Fair Trade Market – Coffee shop supporting the community through Mission Waco.
  8. Fabled Bookshop Cafe – Cozy coffee shop with a book collection for relaxed afternoons.
  9. Cafe Homestead – A popular restaurant with a varied dining menu and fresh-brewed coffee.
  10. Thrst Coffee Shop – Mexican-hipster space with unique coffee flavors and art galleries.
  11. Cafe Cappuccino – Varied coffee menu and great breakfast items in two Waco locations.
  12. Bitty & Beau’s Coffee – New coffee shop known for cold beverages and friendly staff.
  13. Be Kind Coffee – Latino-owned coffee shop promoting kindness in the community.
  14. Lighthouse Coffee & Wine – Family-owned place specializing in coffee and wine with a welcoming atmosphere.

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