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BLF Scholarship Recipient Victoria Malone

As a psychology major in Baylor’s College of Arts & Sciences, Arlington junior Victoria Malone is pursuing her degree with a passion for mental healthcare.

She was inspired by an internship she had this semester where she worked with primary care clinics to help implement mental health care into primary care. As a result, she aspires to work in an overlap between public health and mental health.

“I think mental health matters just as much as physical health, but for some reason it’s something that people don’t pay as much attention to and don’t take care of as much as they would a broken bone or an illness,” Malone said. “I think it’s a good thing to take care of because it can affect a lot of people in really severe ways and if people can take care of their mental health issues before they turn into something bad then they can live healthier, happier lives.”

Malone hopes to conduct research on integrating mental health with healthcare. Although she is still figuring out what that career path looks like, she is determined to use her passion to drive her career.

“My biggest ambition would be to become a principal investigator of some kind to be able to do my own research within public health. Specifically, I would really love to be able to do my own research with populations that don’t receive as equitable healthcare or mental health care,” Malone said.Malone said she feels blessed to be a part of Baylor. She appreciates the unique support of Baylor’s professors and the fact that she can share in the Baylor bond with various members of her family as alumni. She said she has noticed a distinction in the way her father, cousins, aunts and uncles who have gone to Baylor conduct their lives.

“I can see the Christian influence at Baylor has carried on in them,” Malone said. “Getting that same foundation to carry on those values has been a cool part of coming to Baylor.”

As a recipient of the Baylor Line Foundation Scholarship for Legacy Scholars, Malone is grateful for the ability the scholarship has given her to make more time for the things she loves to do. Now that she has more time on her hands, she can continue following in the footsteps of her uncles as a member of the Baylor Religious Hour Choir (BRH).

Malone was drawn to BRH because of their focus on sharing the message of the Christian faith through song. As she has gotten to know the other members of the choir better, she has obtained close friends.

“Every week I get to sing with some great, talented friends about something that unites us all: Christ,” Malone said. “Being a part of BRH choir has kind of been a metaphor for my time at Baylor. Even though my voice isn’t individually heard in the midst of all the voices in the choir, I get to play a part in something bigger than just me. And by all of us working together, we get to share a powerful message as a group in a way that none of us could do on our own.”

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