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Bears Steal Homecoming Victory in Double OT Against Texas Tech

The Bears remain undefeated following their 33-30 double overtime win on Saturday. In what may have been the most memorable Baylor homecoming in recent memory, the Bears finished off the Red Raiders with a five-yard TD run by JaMycal Hasty. But how did we get to that point? Let’s take a look at the historic final minutes that led to a Baylor win.

Fourth Quarter

Entering the fourth quarter of the game, the Bears held a 17-13 lead over Texas Tech. The teams traded punts for almost the entire quarter. However, a 9 play, 88-yard TD drive arranged by QB Jet Duffy in the final minutes of the game completely shifted the momentum toward the Red Raiders. The Bears found themselves in a three-point hole with less than 2 minutes to go in the game.

Because of a penalty on the kick return, the Bears were backed up to the 9-yard line, meaning that they would need to move fast in order to drive down the field and tie the game. Things looked even grimmer only one play later, where, with only 1:30 left in the fourth quarter, Baylor QB Charlie Brewer was sacked on the 1-yard line. According to ESPN’s win probability tool, at the time of this play the Red Raiders had a 96.6% chance at victory. But Baylor had other plans.


But what followed was a systematic dismantling of the Texas Tech defense. Thanks in large part to Tristan Ebner’s huge receptions out of the backfield, as well as the “Catch of the Year” Candidate from Denzel Mims you see above, the Bears found themselves well within field goal range. After taking a few unsuccessful shots at the endzone, the Bears kicked a field goal to send the game into overtime.

1st Overtime

The overtime periods did not start off well for the Bears, as they found themselves in a 2nd and 17 situation almost immediately due to a blown up run play and penalties. But once again, Rhule called on star wideout Denzel Mims to work some magic, and boy did he.


Zigging and zagging through the defense, Mims was able to set up an easy 1-yard run for the touchdown.

Texas Tech’s offense came out firing though, matching Baylor’s touchdown with one of their own. The score was tied at 27 now, and Texas Tech would have the ball to begin the next overtime.

2nd Overtime

The Red Raiders offense was held up by the Bears during their offensive possession but were still able to get close enough to nail a 35-yard field goal. It was now the Bears’ turn to either tie the field goal, or put the game away with a touchdown.

In two consecutive plays Baylor featured senior RB JaMychal Hasty, first in the passing game, and then on the ground. Hasty’s quick jukes picked up a huge chunk of yardage after receiving a catch over the middle of the field. The very next play, he powered his way forward for the five-yard touchdown, and the rest is history. Bears win 33-30.


Looking forward, the Bears begin the truly daunting piece of their schedule. Their undefeated record looks to be challenged this upcoming weekend against a dangerous Oklahoma State squad during their own homecoming game. If they survive Stillwater, the Bears must travel to Fort Worth to face their rival TCU Horned Frogs. If they manage to beat TCU on the road, they will look to maintain perfection against a vastly improved Texas team, and then a playoff contending Oklahoma Sooners.

Likewise, however, the Bears have not looked this good in years. This Baylor team could truly shock the entire college football landscape by contending for a Big 12 title this season.

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