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Baylor Students Share Their Hopes for the Future

Story and photos by Elisabeth Marrs and Sara Ligarde

The 2013 Spring Semester is finally underway. Baylor students have embarked on new classes, new expectations, and new experiences. The Baylor Line asked students what they are looking forward to this spring and which class has them the most excited.

Kimberly Walbek
Denver, CO

“There are a bunch of organizations, service fraternities, and club teams that I didn’t get involved in last semester, so I am really excited to start those this semester. Classes are going great. I really like all of my teachers. English is probably my favorite, and I really like my 1304 Thinking, Writing, and Research class.”

Jasmine Moody
Memphis, TN

“I’m looking forward to my classes since I am getting deeper into my major. We’re getting more hands-on and more involved. [The class I like best so far is] Junior Design. I like working with materials and want to go into material sciences when I graduate.”

Joseph Santoro
Temecula, CA

“I am looking forward to making new friends, doing well in my classes, and sharing my Baylor spirit with those around me. I really like my physics class because my professor reminds me of the Looney Tunes character Foghorn Leghorn, the rooster.”

John Bernhart
Morgantown, WV

“This semester, [I’m looking forward to] continuing to find out and discover what God has for me. I have one class, Sport Psychology, that’s exciting. It’s not as tough as other classes.”

Samira Xie
Bei Bei District, Chongqing, China

“I’m going to put more effort into my GPA this semester, and maybe my personal work, my artwork. I’d say Aquatic Painting is my favorite class. We do a lot of interesting things in there.”

Jake Cockerill
Saunderstown, Rhode Island

“[It will be nice to] get all the pre-reqs done so I can finally get into the business school and actually start the classes that I want. I like Managerial Accounting—it’s nice to start the business classes and finally learn the ropes.”

Kara Edmondson
Monument, CO

“Diadeloso! I’m looking forward to that! I’m taking Research Methods and Psychology and my professor is awesome, so I like it.”

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