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Baylor Students Prepare for Parent and Family Weekend

By Jena Howie and Catherine West

Fall has finally arrived on Baylor’s campus, just in time for Parent and Family Weekend. As students unpack their boots and sweaters for this weekend’s game against TCU, they look forward to welcoming their families to Waco.

    Michael Allen

    Coppell, TX


    “My parents haven’t been down to Waco since I moved into my new house, so it will be nice for them to finally see where I’ve been living. I haven’t seen them for a couple of weeks, so it will also be good to catch up.”

    Michelle Dwyer

    Denton, TX


    “I am looking forward to [my family] going to the TCU game because it’s a very big and important game. I’m also excited for them to come see my sorority’s tailgate and visit with everyone.”

    Chris Banks

    New Orleans, LA


    “I’m from New Orleans, which is about nine hours away, so unlike most of my friends who go home on the weekends to Houston, Dallas, or Austin, I never get to see my parents. The fact that my dad is coming in is really exciting to me because I really want to show him my dorm and what I have been doing. I also want to introduce him to some of my professors, if possible, and my boss. I just want to let him know that what he’s spending money on is working out for him. That’s pretty much all I want to do for Parents’ Weekend.”

    Lainey Gover

    San Antonio, TX


    “I get to see my little sister, who I haven’t seen since her homecoming. I am actually going to Dallas, though, to help my mom move into her new apartment.”

    Alex Krzywonski

    Waco, TX


    “Well, I’m from Waco, so I’m just looking forward to seeing family and friends.”

    Danielle Miller

    Dallas, TX


    “I am looking forward to seeing my parents and going to the game with them. They really haven’t experienced any Baylor games yet. I’m also looking forward to them meeting some of my professors. They’ve been bothering me about it, so if I can get that off my chest it’d be a lot easier for me! But I’m excited to just see them in general.”

    Mark Nelson

    Colorado Springs, CO


    “I am from Colorado, so I don’t get a lot of chances to see my family. It’s nice to have them come here and be able to see where I live and that kind of stuff. I am looking forward to just having them here and seeing everything.”

    Chelsea Raburn

    Ennis, TX


    “Both of my parents are coming this weekend. Having them come to the football game is what I am looking forward to the most.”

    Ian Johnson

    Plano, TX


    “My dad, my sister, and my mom are coming in this weekend. I’m excited just to see them and hang out. We don’t really have big plans. They come up for the football games often, so it isn’t the first time they have come to visit.”

    Grant Hester

    Weatherford, TX


    “My mom and my dad are coming. We are tailgating and going to the game. I saw them this past weekend, but I’m still excited to see them for Parents’ Weekend.”

    Jennifer Browder

    Dallas, TX


    “My mom and my dad are coming in this weekend. My sister and my brother also go here, so my parents are coming down and we’re all going to go to the game on Saturday. We will probably just get lunch and just hang out. It will be fun!”

    Garrett Moses

    Cedar Park, TX


    “My parents and my two sisters will be here this weekend. I am pretty excited to see them and hang out with them again since I’ve only seen them once since I moved here. We will go to dinner, probably at George’s.”

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