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Baylor Dominates Kansas State in Statement Win

Baylor’s momentum continues to build as the Bears extended their win streak to 5 on the season following a 19-point victory against Kansas State on Saturday. The Bears, just two seasons removed from a one-win season, are now undefeated and sitting atop the Big 12 rankings alongside Oklahoma. They will come into next weekend’s matchup against Texas Tech as the #22 team in the nation.

We could point to a bunch of factors that contributed toward the Bears’ dominant performance. Perhaps it was the convincing victory over Iowa State a week prior. Maybe it was the recent and exciting news of Matt Rhule’s massive contract extension through 2028. Whatever the reason, the Bears looked astounding against Kansas St. Let’s take a look at what went right in the Bears’ win.

Offensive Line Play

Matt Rhule’s O-line delivered an amazing performance against the Wildcats. In pass protection, the Bears gave up only one sack for the entire game. This protection resulted in a more confident Charlie Brewer, who was able to step up into his throws more effectively than in games past.

The running game, likewise, saw a boost because of elite offensive line play. Watch the line open up a huge hole for RB JaMycal Hasty in the second quarter:


Here Hasty is able to bust through the massive gap virtually untouched. If the Bears’ offensive line is able to open up holes like this, Baylor will be absolutely lethal on the ground in the weeks to come.

QB Pressure

Baylor’s relentless pursuit of the QB proved to be one of the most important pieces to their dominant defensive performance. Saturday proved to be a fantastic day for Linebacker Blake Lynch, who finished the day with 3 sacks. Safety Grayland Arnold likewise had a fantastic day, who tallied another sack to go with a huge interception in the fourth quarter.


Rhule is flipping the script of what a Big 12 team is. In the past, the Big 12 has been known for gaudy point totals and uninspiring defensive effort. The Bears have proven to be the exact opposite thus far through the season. Baylor has only given up one first half touchdown the entire season.

Welcome to the Matt Rhule era.

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