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Baylor Alumni Association Transition Documents

BAA sealBaylor’s Notice of Termination
On May 31, 2013, Baylor University announced that this September, unless the Transition Agreement linked below was approved by the Baylor Alumni Association, it would unilaterally terminate several agreements between the BAA and the University. This notice of termination cannot become operative before September 8, 2013.

Transition Agreement
This Transition Agreement, executed by representatives of the BAA, the Baylor University Board of Regents, and President Ken Starr, sets forth the basic principles that would govern the relationships between the Baylor Line Corporation, the Baylor Alumni Advisory Board, and the University. By its terms, the Transition Agreement is “subject to approval” by the BAA “in accordance with the law and BAA’s governing documents” (page 7), following a due diligence period, and is not effective until that time.

Agreement to Vacate Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center
Baylor University owns, and has always owned, the land on which the Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center sits, and the building itself.  By the terms of a 1994 Official Recognition and (Building) License, Baylor had, and has, the right to assert the need for the building and the property on which it is located. Baylor asserted that need for the purposes of connecting the new Baylor football stadium to the Baylor campus, to provide an on-campus football experience. BAA’s agreement to vacate the Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center by July 3, 2013 was provided to avoid delaying the construction schedule of Baylor Stadium.

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