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Baylor Alumni Association Planning Update

BAA sealIn 2009, the Baylor Alumni Association (BAA) launched a five-year plan, called United for Baylor, that established six primary goals for the alumni association. We invite you to learn more about the plan at United for Baylor.

At roughly the mid-point in our five-year plan, our leadership is taking an opportunity to assess our progress and to double-check our focus. During the more than 150 years since our creation in 1859, we have evolved in our scope of operations and daily activities to meet the ever-changing roles supporting Baylor University and serving her alumni.

Today, we would like to share some topics of interest that have emerged thus far in our discussions as part of our practice of keeping you updated as we move through this process.

Below you will find a list of topics that the BAA either has been involved in over the years or possibly should examine in the coming years. Please feel free to read the list and share whatever questions or comments that you might have by sending an e-mail to As always, we value your input and continued support of both Baylor University and the BAA.

• Serving as an advocate for Baylor’s mission, needs, and best interests with the alumni community and the greater world of church and state.

• Encouraging alumni to serve as advocates for Baylor in their communities and in state-wide issues.

• Encouraging prospective students to attend Baylor.

• Celebrating Baylor’s achievements.

• Providing scholarships to students from Baylor alumni families.

• Encouraging alumni and friends to make direct financial gifts to Baylor.

• Providing news about Baylor and alumni through printed publications such as the Baylor Line magazine.

• Providing news about Baylor and alumni through online publications and social media resources.

• Providing balanced reporting on sensitive or controversial issues at Baylor.

• Providing audio and video productions as supplements to the BAA’s print and online publications.

• Serving as an independent voice for Baylor alumni.

• Hosting alumni reunions, such as football tailgates, Homecoming reunions, and Heritage Club.

• Supporting alumni clubs in cities around the state of Texas.

• Recognizing the achievements of alumni and friends with a range of annual awards.

• Expanding the Baylor family to non-Baylor grads through programs such as Alumni by Choice and Lifelong Learning.

• Providing Baylor alumni with opportunities to travel together on organized trips.

• Providing professional contacts for alumni.

• Preserving and celebrating Baylor traditions, such as the Official Baylor Class Ring.

• Maintaining a balanced budget on an annual basis.

• Achieving an endowment sufficient to fund the annual operations of all programs.

• Expanding the BAA’s membership base.

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