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The BAA Legacy Scholarship: Tara Brynell’s Story

Happy Graduation! Tara Brynell '14 and '16 (projected), with brother Joshua, dad David '87, mom Michele, '87 and '89, grandma Jan, and cousin Karma
Happy Graduation! Tara Brynell ’14 and ’16 (projected), with brother Joshua, dad David ’87, mom Michele, ’87 and ’89, grandma Jan, and cousin Karma

When I tell people that both my parents attended and met at Baylor, I feel a sense of pride because then people associate the rich culture and tradition of Baylor with my upbringing.  But just because my parents went to Baylor did not mean I was going there.  It was not until my mom convinced me to tour Baylor that I considered applying.  Once I researched Baylor more and realized how it had everything I was looking for in a college, it was the only school I applied to.

The aspect of Baylor that I looked forward to the most was joining the Outdoor Adventure Learning & Living Center (OA-LLC).  The OA-LLC brings together people who have a common interest and houses them together on campus.  After the first year in the LLC, I had made so many friends and enjoyed living on campus so much that I wanted to return to the OA-LLC again the next year.  The problem with returning was that I would have to live on campus, which is the most expensive housing option.  But because of the Legacy Scholarship, I was able to mitigate the cost of living and stay in the OA-LLC.  Because of the OA-LLC and the help of the Legacy Scholarship, I lived on campus while earning my undergraduate degree (and loved it), found my future husband, and earned a position as the Graduate Assistant of the OA-LLC, which helps with my graduate-school tuition.

OA-LLC Graduate Assistant Tara Brynell (Source:
OA-LLC Graduate Assistant Tara Brynell (Photo Credit:

Without the Legacy Scholarship, I probably would not have stayed in the OA-LLC, which would have lessened my Baylor experience.  When I received my BA degree (in Anthropology) and as I continue my education at Baylor through the Masters of Public Health program, my gratitude for the Legacy Scholarship grows.

The Baylor Alumni Association has distributed more than $212,000 to 55 deserving Baylor legacy students since 2011, including $27,000+ to 42 students for the fall semester of 2014.  In this segment of our continuing series, we bring you Tara Brynell’s story — in part to remind you how terrific — and appreciative — our current crop of Bears are, in part to rekindle some memories and bring a smile to your face, and in part to encourage you to contribute to this important program.  Your donation will help us continue to offer these scholarships — hopefully with larger amounts for these legacy students.  If you’d like to donate, please click here.



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